I know a few lads who get away with it.

I find it's pretty good for patrolling work on ops at the moment, incorporates into the armour system well.

Some infantry coys are being issued some sort of armour with the yank sized rifle plates which has these loops on, not sure why though.
Webbing "Loops" on the "Interceptor Body Armor"(yeah I know how I spell it, I'm a Yank) are for attaching MOLLE type Gear directly to the Vest, eliminating the need for "Yokes, Chest Rigs, etc. It's optional in most American units whether to attach directly to the vest or wear a FLC(Fighting Load Carrier) or RACK(Ranger Assault Carry Kit). I used a RACK as most of my work was done whilst mounted. This site can show how adaptive the system is;
I have it and like it. Due to the nature of my job, I don't attach the stuff directly to the IBA though.


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