Molle yoke

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by thecoops, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. I want a molle yoke in multi cam. I want something you know a little special, any ideas ?
  2. I was looking at that
  3. Ive got one of Boris's belts and its F@CKING MEGA !! just looking at yokes now Ive been looking at Dragons patrol yoke and Dixie's corners spider yoke
  4. Don't go buying one, I have a new design I want to try.
    Cost you a Guinness some time.
    Gis a couple of weeks Coops.

    PS I ferkin lurved the 90210 thing B!
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  5. I have the old type DPM one with fixed pouches in the garage hanging on the wall doing nothing.

    if you want you can have it on the cheap to decide if you like the general idea before coughing up big money for something proper.
  6. I'm getting excited about that Thanks
  7. If The Coops' one looks good I might find some cash for one too. (Just wish I had got in there first)
  8. Dito. I've always loved the look of your kit Boris.
  9. Cheers folks.
    The trick is:
    Keep it simple!
  10. Any idea where I could get a multicam bayonet frog? Can't find one anywhere.
  11. Im sure one of us could make one
  12. G1098 do molle bayonet frogs