MOLLE webbing or para webbing?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Carlos_spiceyweiner, Dec 18, 2010.

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  1. Hi wondering if anyone can give me some advice? Deploying on Herrick soon, and having seen we're getting issued a load of the molle pouches, I was wondering whether to go for molle belt and yoke, and match it up with the pouches issued, or get a set of para webbing in dpm for all round ?? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. I've got molle belt kit and its the way forward and its a lot more fexible
  3. Just wondering but I read your post as if you would buy the airborne webbing in DPM by which I presume is woodland. Then plan to take this on tour? I'm definitely not experienced in this but is it suitable for taking DPM kit?
  4. Of course it is suitable. Multicam webbing doesn't make you invisible to the enemy. Temperate webbing will not light you up like a neon light. Wearing belt kit with osprey isn't that compatible in my book though.
  5. Just finished PDT with a set of Molle belt kit, worn under my body armour... very comfortable and no dramas at all with it.

    I agree with thecoops, it's the way forward!
  6. Cool cheers for the advice guys, think the molle belt is the way forward. Probably going to wait too see what I get issued, then pick up a belt and yoke. I'm going for the belt order as I dont want loads of pouches on my body armour.
  7. Remember if your investing your hard earned cash, DPM will in the near future be a thing of the past. So i would consider getting either MTP or multicam if you can get MTP.
  8. Ive just returned from Herrick 13 and I used a Warrior belt attached to my body armour with clips, which was ideal for me as it allowed me to remove my belt kit when doing the more mundane engineer jobs, which often require shovelling like a japanese prisoner of war.
    Id defo reccommend Warrior belt and pouches, it gives you a lot more flexiblity than with standard belt kit, is good quality stuff and most importantly looks ally.