Molle Rig


I'm looking for opinions from the lads who have been on OP Herrick regarding Molle kit and vests. Increasingly I'm seeing people with vests like such: Is this a worthwhile purchase? Or is it just a ballache to use with Osprey? I'd also like to hear from blokes who've tried the new Osprey armour as well.

as aye,

Warrior known to be okay! I dont know about this exact vest but if you are going to buy it do not buy it from FIRST TACTICAL, they are selling Templar Assualt System stuff and this is the worst around, proper falls to bits.

The other reason not to buy from them is they are also selling or have links with VESTGUARD, this company sold body armour to middle eastern countries without export licenses knowing it could into the wrong hands and be used by terrorists allowing them to have the upper hand against our troops, heres one link, can post more if you want . A fine of only 10 000 pounds is a disgrace, they should have been put out of business.

You should steer clear of anyone who sells for vestguard because I doubt they care which side your on and are just init for the money

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