Molle day sacks/backpacks

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by The_Big_Show, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi
    I'm looking for a backpack with a decent MOLLE coverage for use at home/work, i.e. not on ops/ex.
    This is the sort of thing I'm looking at:

    Budget is under £40. Should have a large capacity, i.e. 40L+.

    Has anyone tried either of these out? If so , does anyone know the capacity of the Flecktarn bag? It doesn't specify it on the website. Got any other suggestions for similar bags?

  2. Why on earth would you want MOLLE for personal use? Go and have a look around the Lake District, Snowdon, Scotland etc and see how many people use MOLLE. Unless you are airsoft walting, 'tis a silly idea.
  3. Pardon my ignorance......even after 22 years with the colours, WTF is MOLLE??

    Oh, webbing.
  5. If not on ops please enlighten me why you want molle on a daysac?
    mind boggles what do you want to hang off it?
  6. I thought this question might come up...
    I want one with molle mainly for flexibility so that I can use it for work/general use but also add extra utility packs/med packs/etc as needed if going on short hikes or travelling (i.e. i will soon be off to South africa for several months) or for Cadet weekends. The other reason is that I get fed up with backpacks with all sorts of useless extra pouches that don't suit my needs, and i generally just lose stuff in them, so I'd prefer it to be as plain as possible, and most of the mole packs i've seen fit that description.
  7. What colour were you specifically looking for. Heinne Haynes have got Maxpedition ones in green, coyote and black. Good quality aswell. One of my friends is a photographer for the MOD and uses there camera bags. Top notch.
  8. You'll look a numpty, people will point at you and stuff will drop off it. Seriously - look about. Normal people in the outside world don't have their bergens inside out - they put stuff in small bag inside a bigger bag. It just works better than having a seperate pouch for everything on the outside. I can just imagine the baggage handlers going to town with your molle-encrusted pack as luggage.

    I doubt you need a trauma pack or mags to hand at short notice in case of contact when out hiking - just put them inside. It is that easy - honest.
  9. plus African countries get very funny about people with paramilitary gear so to sum up

    *molle pouches on a backpack not very secure or useful
    * you will look like a walt and people will laugh
    * go to foreign climes and people will think your a mercenary/spy not a good thing
  10. Thanks, you've twisted my arm. Any other suggestions for relatively cheap, large(40L+), plain, utilitarian (not obviously military) backpacks/daysacks?
  11. confused there fella - daysacks are usually less than 35 litres in capacity - depends what you want the bag for.

    THESE are great if you want something dead simple to keep stuff dry

    THIS is fine if you want a daysack

    SOMETHING LIKE THIS if you are lugging through airports, on transport and have something smaller to carry on a day basis.

    Just a few ideas. You need to decide what you need it for - I prefer kitbags for travelling and rucksacks for trekking
  12. if your not using it for ops or excerises just get a north face or karimour or similar!
  13. I have a berghaus freeflow, and it's great. Very comfortable straps and frame, built in waterproof cover, hydration pack pocket and the freeflow back thingy is good too stops you getting all sweaty. Well worth a look, mine was about 50 squid from blacks. Had it about 3 years now, still bomb-proof.

    Clicky Linky

    Edited to add hyperlink.
  14. Tasmanian Tiger do some good half-outdoors/half-military bags. They do feature MOLLE-type webbing but it's tastefully done and they easily pass as civilian-type rucksack. They're about Berghaus prices too.