Molle CAT Tourniquet Pouch

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Travelgall, Jul 25, 2011.

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  1. Looking for a CAT Tourniquet pouch. Saw this from INF Wear DK. Ready to buy, then saw the £25.00 postage charge.

    Anybody know anybody knocking up a UK version? Would be helpful if it had the TQ sign on the front so people know to go for that pouch rather than the pouch with the weapons grade grot in it. Has to be in more than one colour (ie Camouflage) rather than stand out like a bulldogs balls Olive Drab, Molle and able to fit the standard issue CAT. Other than that not really bothered. And before everybody says it, Google has not been my friend.
  2. Try sending a message to Boris if you really need one.

    Failing that carry it where SOP says it is, that way you don't bleed out when your mucker looks for it and it isn't where it's meant to be.

    Just a thought, like.
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  3. As per young lofty's response.

    Put it where you are told to put it, and save your beer tokens.
  4. Leave it on your desk you REMF cúnt.
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  5. TG, double 40mm grenade pouch - CAT in one side and FFD in the other. Simples.
  6. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    no no no you strap it around the thigh ready for tightening opposite the one on the other side - very ally :)
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  7. You joke but some non issue clothing actually has 4 of them built in. The problem with this is of course limb wounds may be well below where they are situated which means an awful lot of dead tissue.

    Blackhawk Warrior Wear combat uniforms feature integrated tourniquets -- Engadget
  8. As mentioned, Boris but he's a bit snowed under at the moment, try the guys at 1157 Tactical, Bilbo_Boy & Fat Mini(?) they should be able to run something up. WRT location for other people to find and use on you there is now a school of thought, mentioned on RSOI that you use your own on the cas and replen where necessary, in a way that makes sense as you know where yours are but it goes against the grain of everything taught up until now, SOP at our place is CAT ECB & 1 Morphine in RH Biceps pocket with 'free' end of CAT showing.
  9. Thanks BK. I've got a single strand of Molle available in a couple of places so I'll look at that. You playing next week?
  10. Thought of that. But I'll be working next year with Multinationals who will all have different SOP's. That's why I wanted it somewhere very very obvious - strapped to my front with a big TQ sign on it. I won't go as a Batt or even Coy mobilisation.
  11. That's what is happening here, like I said most Nations have a form of UBACS and use that pocket but you see them on dropleg holsters, belts, CBA shoulders, single 'bungee' pouches etc... as you say make it obvious.
  12. In that case get one in OG... it wont give you away on patrol but is a clearly distinctive pouch so will aid the identification. If you're getting one made up or modding one, the American medic pouches have a dark red strap in stead of a grey one to aid identification. And the TQ patch of course.
  13. That's why I was going to the Danish one as the different Cam will stand out against MTP but its not shiny. I have memories of pre DPM Olive Drab PLCE in my younger days and I guess that's where my predudice comes from. I suppose I could look at Olive Drab.

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys.
  14. Not so medically proven and documented cases of tourniquets being left on for hours with no tissue death. When people (old or young) go in for normal knee operations a tourniquet is on for the duration of the operation with no adverse effects so a cat can be placed high on a single bone (femur) and be more effective than if it is placed close to the wound usually this is because of tissue disruption caused by a blast. IMHO the main disadvantage with clothing containing integrated tourniquets is that you cannot check the condition of the tourniquet for fair wear & tear and degradation caused by the sun/weather plus if they worked well I would imagine the SF units worldwide would be using them.