molle belt kit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cdt1350, May 9, 2013.

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  1. hi guys, I'm relatively new so don't have a rant,
    I'm about to invest in new belt kit, namely a molle vanguard belt. My dilemma is that I'm stuck on what pouches to put on/what to put into the pouches. I only want serious answers please. I'm a cadet NCO and my plce belt kit isn't cutting it anymore.
    cheers fella's
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  2. Does "stick with the issued stuff and spend your money on girls" count as a serious answer? If so, that's my answer.

    If not, surely you'll have some manual on what to put onto/into your webbing. Pick molle equivalents and put stuff in them as per the manual, changing if necessary based on your experience.

    What exactly is wrong with your PLCE belt kit?
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  3. i find my belt kit uncomfy whilst on tabs and that whilst quality is good, the spanish clips are far from being the dogs bollocks. with molle i like the idea of open ammo pouches, zip utility pouches and dump pouches. and most importantly, it looks ally as **** without a harness :grin:
  4. Is your webbing set up correctly? have you tried an hip padding*?

    *various brands available.
  5. With a MOLLE belt kit you need a harness, unless of course your thinking of the belts SF use under their body armour in which case you'd be wasting your money as very little is carried on them. As for the spanish fly clips and all the rest , send your belt kit into Troopers and they can square you away without the hassle of a new belt kit, as for the comfort factor, make sure the belt kit is balanced properly and invest in a hip pad to attach to the inside of your belt kit. Therefore more money to spend on girls/ **** mags/ beer/ cigarrettes etc!
  6. Important note: girls are not impressed by webbing.
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  7. unless its the other type of webbing and you've bought it for her! ;)
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  8. I'm definately going to go for the molle belt - a vanguard AAMBeR with 4 open mag pouches, one dump pouch, and 4 utility pouches. within the utility pouches im going to put a 58pat bottle with crusader mug and cooker, some bits and bobs, a jetboil flash and another waterbottle. how does that sound? or should i go for sewn on airborne webbing from dragon? hmm decisions
  9. 1 - Why on earth do you need a molle belt?
    2 - If you don't know what pouches you need or what kit to put in them then you obviously don't need them and will be wasting a chunk of money.

    Stick with the issued kit, set it up correctly and then maybe add a hip pad.
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  10. out of interest, is it worth keeping a jetboil in webbing or not?
  11. Unless the utility pouches that you're talking about are much smaller than PLCE ones, I'd suggest that if you can fit seven pouches (I'm guessing that two ammo pouches take up the same space as a PLCE double ammo?) then your money would be best spent on a gym membership and some salad.

    Also, two water bottles in your webbing? Are you going somewhere very hot or something?
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  12. Having read this post I'm erring towards a shit wind up.
  13. if i dont go for molle webbing, what adjustments should i have made to my issue belt kit (2 double ammo pouches + 4 utility pouches) and how much would it cost?
  14. How fat are you if you can fit 6 pouches on your webbing?