Molle belt kit?

I've just been given all my kit for tour, all well and good, lovely stuff, props to the QMs and all that.

Quick question, I have been issued a chest rig for the first time in my life and with my limited experience so far am finding it difficult to use when equipped with the number of pouches I am used to on a full belt kit.

Question is can I get a Molle webbing belt issued so I can have the bare minimum pouches on my chest rig/body armour and have everything else on a webbing belt should I need it?
Er...why not just attach the pouches directly to any old belt, or even the big sandy coloured one with a black buckle they gave you? Doesn't have to be Molle.
I wouldn't pile too many pouches on yourself. Most lads use either a man bag or a day sack.
SORD Australia offer a MOLLE pistol belt with D rings for $64.50 AUD, but I don't think you'll be able to get an issue version, unless it's US issue.

Re. putting pouches on Osprey; refrain from falling into irrigation canals while equipped thus, otherwise your kit will take you straight to the bottom before you can get out of it.
Dont use the issue poches as they are naff mate, mole webbing is good as long as u can get some ally pouches for it, probably blackhawk is your best bet, some of the links the lads post on here are for crap kit, special forces kit . com is run by a ex sfsg lad who has good kit, expensive but u get what u pay for and for fooks sake stay away from webtex, viper and cheap crap like that.

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