Someone wants to know about Molesworth - see wanted pages on ARRSEpedia. Can I help as I was there the night 39 Engr Regt (including Ghurka Engr Sqn and YO course) made it secure and evicted the peace camp? Quite a night! Began when we all assembled at Waterbeach in the afternoon then moved to ??? (disused RAF station) to join up with the 50+ 10tonners with fencing stores. Had to hit site at 23.30 as that was after the last TV news programme (no 24-hr TV then) and on a Tuesday evening. On the morning Tarzan Hesletine came in by helicopter. Lots more if you would like it!
CO: How is St Custard's these days? How has it adapted to the pressures and needs of the 21st century? Do students emerge from the gates of St Custard's well equipped for adult life?

NM: st custards hav held true to its proud 900-yere histore of akademik XECLENCE hem-hem & do all in its power to ensur boys drink of the tree of KNOLWEDGE even if it must be by WATERBORDING. that is to sa the place is an apsolute shambles as ushual and uterly ponk of damp dust chalk lat. beetels cigs masters ect & the wi-fy reception is APAULING mi dere. as you kno howevver st custards continu to produse many grate PILARS of our societe inkluding george OSBORN gordon RAMPSEY micheal WINER & pop stars peat Doherty & RADIOHED. it is in this spirrit of endevor that st custards march proudly into the 1960s cheers cheers
CO: Is co-education a good idea?

NM: do you mean with GURLS poo gosh never over the ded body of every brave nobel boy in st custards such would be an ABOMMINATION. GURLS are a distraktion they chater pla and go on about ickle pretty robert patinson the vampire weed from TWILITE they are e.g. qite incompatibel with st custards ETHOS.



mullerkin, your modern parody is inspired!
not meerly inspired my dere but KOPY and PASTE chiz chiz i mene to sa how v embarasing eg

EXHIBIT B ye original twiter feed with whom(posh gramer keep it up keep it up) unsemely interview with popular radio chaterbox was kondukted

SM: Your tweets have quite a following. Who are your followers?

NM: twiter hav enabled the downtroden & opresed to make known there PLITE cheers cheers. i am proud to sa mi folowers inklude grate author neil GAIMAN comedien katy BRAND chanel 4's irish news chap krishnan GURU MURPHY tracey thorn from everething but the GURL konservat consevert comservat TORY candidate louise BAGSHAW also the telegrapfs beautiful briony GORDON with her gorgous flowing CURSESCURSES WOT AM I SAING & finally mi grate hero comics artist dave GIBBONS who draw the watchmen & the MEKON coo gosh.

It is rather good isn't it :) (just to be clear- it's not me!)
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CAPTAIN PLUME(suppli beak v. fierce): there is perhaps is there not molesworth a certain lack of imagination a shall we say dearth of the faculties it appere that the travails of the denizens of arrse do not sufficiently capture your somewhat modest attention.

ME(drawing delticks on blotter): wot?

CAPTAIN PLUME: shall i go on it would seme that the interminable lunatic ramblings of stacker1s kool gang the unprediktable sexual assaults of fearsum badgerheed the amusing dits of the grate ravers the invaluable edukashun provided by pigshyt freeman not to menshun relativ merit of mitey slr katapult vs weedy 5.56 popgun do not make an impreshun on the young mind i see before me am i korrekt molesworth. Furthermore you hav been kopying CIVILIAN(hush gosh shoked silence pin drop) area of internet in kontravenshun of skool edikt 25374 sekshun seven paragraph nine how do you plead?

ME(making rocket out of chewing gum): i suspekt they all keep dollies at home espeshully badgerheed altho maybe the dollies keep him he prefer it that way hem hem

[continued in next week's thrilling installment price 6d]
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SCENE: a dunjun. having pled GUILTY to everything heroic molesworth hav been imprisoned in darkest depths of internet cell 404 with only kompani a few oiks with 0 frends on facebook and the produkt no longer available pages from silvermans katalog.

in march BAD CO with a minion trying to look as if he take whole thing seriously.

BAD CO: this is wot it mene to be on rops molesworth no ifone no status update no adobe akrobat only html in 4 colours.

MINION(whispers): sir the bentley is still running outside sir you kno how much the petrol cost.

BAD CO: Furthermor you must keep shirt sleeves tucked in and jacket rolled up at all times and hav unally green plastik bit on rifle see how you like it back in the 90s it is a harsh world i hope you hav lerned yor leson.

MOLESWORTH: yes sir and i hope yor wife is well

(BAD CO go back to prune roses at church cotage then claridges for lunch)

molesworth kontemplate futilite of life for few sekonds to add ATMOSPHERE to otherwise dull teknikal exercise then finaly get bored and stage daring prison brake by downloading super helicopter off piratebay cheers cheers cheers
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Does the dried out Duraglit leave an aftertaste?
That was mildly amusing, when is the next episode?

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