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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by johnjohn, Jan 5, 2012.

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  1. dudes of the gentry...

    ive totally lost the will to live with the TA now.

    can you do a pt sesh one turns up
    can you do a cft this weekend...1 person turns up
    dead mans shoes
    new job, new house, the commutes a c**t blah blah blah

    anyway...what are my options?

    leave of absence - see if my mojo comes back? doubtful
    Leave altogether - been in a good while and the nostalgia kicks in every so often
    not turn up and let them do the hard work for me
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Your options are all of the above.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Join the ACF as an Instructor.


    Loads of keen Cadets who will pay the Army money to turn up for a weekend!
    PTDs, althought not as much as the TA, I'll wager.


    Fellow AIs who will be mysteriously missing when PT is on the programme. :)
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  4. Oh, and for the ACF-baiters, a contstant supply of free, sexy kids! :)
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  5. You forgot "Transfer to 4 Para", surely some mistake?? ;^)
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    We have already filled our quota of moaners. I will inform him if a space becomes available.
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  7. Transfer to the rifles or local RTC
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  8. Leave of absence and give the ACF a whirl.
  9. You have three real options:

    Transfer, quit or go with the flow.

    Have a word with your headshed; if they are unwilling to change or can't see a problem then it's time to upsticks or quit.

    Good luck mofo without mojo!
  10. I know a few good eggs who have moved from the Regs and TA (some both) to ACF and they haven't looked back. Some people might say that keen enthusiastic AIs add more value to HMG than some Reg/TA soldiers who don't want to mobilise. After all they are keeping kids on the straight and narrow during those troubled teenage years and when one of them joins up (Reg or TA) and subsequently deploys, that's got to be a big tick in the box.

    If you don't like the ACF you can always get back in the TA if you do so within three years.
  11. Cadet's don't pay to come.
  12. Food free now, is it? :)
  13. Deploy on Ops!

  14. why would that help? I was looking for a solution, not another problem

    new job, new house...oh aye lets bugger off for a year

    frank, got your message, be in touch soon
  15. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    The T.A. has been existance for 100 years and you've only just noticed.

    You forgot to mention all the twisted socks who despite having 100 reasons not to do a tour still seem fit enough to get promoted faster than everyone else who takes them selves out the unit to deploy.

    Pte smith how a bout a tour "sorry sir I can't you see I'm not really over keen on the way the regs seem a bit more shouty than you me ol mucker"
    6 months later "smithy giz a hand"
    "Simthy? I'm a Lance Cpl now you know"

    L/Cpl Smith how about a tour "well sir it's the new uniform see it dosen't go with my eyes so it's pointless me deploying - I might do a camp and a diving course if I knew I would get to Cpl of the back of it"
    "Good lad thats what we need real keeness never mind about a Cpl course we'll get you waived through it"

    Before you know it he's a Sgt teaching people ambush drills despite never being in one and quoting the Victor book for boys as proper tactics
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