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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. No, not the spangle type sweets but the civvy workers in Germany, can anyone in Arrseland tell me how the name Mojo came about? from a search on Google / Arrse I've found the bits relating to Mixed Service Organisation but nothing to say why the name MoJo was used, does it stand for something or slang?
  2. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    MoDjo? Ministry of Defence Joint Organisation?

    Hey, it's just a guess.
  3. The term has been around since at least the end of WW2. It specifically applied to the Polish displaced persons who were taken on by the British Army in a variety of roles - guards, HGV driving, munitions clearance.
  4. I thought it sort of, like, meant Karma, man.
  5. Deff not a Polish word.
  6. My Dad can remember mojos working in Donnington in the late fifties as well, wearing Battledress, Great coats and extremely large ammo boots no matter what the weather was like. Weren't some of them ex POWs that the russkis would have slotted if we'd repatriated them?
  7. a lot of the mso units were ex pows that could not go back home..
    16 tank transporter sqn in fallingbostel used to be nearlly all mojoes
    back in the 70s ..they did a very good job...they even had there own pig farm here in the barracks,,,great bunch of guys...remember sitting in the middle of a antar on the auto bahn,,driver gets out of his door co driver gets out of his door they climb over the bonnet and swop places...we were doing about 60 kmh at the time in convoy,,,scared me to death...
  8. Hey! Far out man.
  9. Most of the Mojos in Fally in the 70's were Yugoslavs. One great old guy - name of Sisco (spelling?) was something of a legend and was a partisan during WW2. Great guys.
  10. Wasn't Mixed Service Organisation (MSO) the official title & mojo just the nickname that they copped for from us over the years? If my memory serves me right, they mainly consisted of displaced Eastern Europeans.

    Mobile Civilian Work Groups (MCWG), were they not similar'ish' in their role? I remember the ones at the POL Depot at Warendorf, good bunch, I beleive the main difference being the MCWG were boxheads.

    However, it is late, I am getting old & therefore could be talking out of my ARRSE!
  11. There was the MCTG units (Mobile civilan transport groups) bus drivers etc but also had a few moonheads working for them used to have a accom block and canteen in Dusseldorf even ate in the cookhouse as well. Some Brits worked for thm and lived on camp as well thier rooms were like normal squaddie ones fridges TV's etc however the germans were very basic bed/locker and what ever they had pulled out of the skips round camp (old newspapers and the like)
  12. They were also used as Dog Handlers etc. We had one who was from one of the Baltic States - "I was refugee from Sovjets Herr Major!"

    Really says I - any blood group tatoos?

    Said Mojo blushes, f@rts and takes off!

    Also there were IIRC MCAG - Mobile Civilian Artisan Groups
  13. Christ, how could I have forgotten about the old MCTG, it used to pish me orf, seeing them swanning about on details with Foden eight leggers.

    There I was & every other Trog back then, with a battered old Milly, with no working heater, engine cover popping off every five minutes in the cab, a steering wheel that you had to swing on to move, noisy as fcuk, etc, etc & that was a good one....................wait a minute.................all that reminiscing has brought it all back to me..............I loved my Milly! :scratch:
  14. It was just squaddie speak...........MSO...........MOJO
    Is he MSO no he`s a mojo
  15. I thought they only lived off strong sliwowitz and tinned fish. :twisted: No wonder they all looked alike.

    They also used to drive the buses down from Hannover down to Sonthofen for Ex. Snow Queen. One of them used to pull the bus up at regular intervals and shout "Everyone stop for piss !". Had us 'doubled- up' that one, with their broken English.

    I also wondered what happened to them all, must be dead now most of them. There were hundreds of them.