MOJO in overdrive!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by oldcolt, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. Funny isn't it; at 42 I should be sat at work thinking about a weekend of middle aged stuff such as mowing the lawn, cutting the hedge and polishing the car etc but; as I write from the warm confines of my office, I am wriggling like an excited school kid looking forward to getting p!ss wet through, caked in mud and cam cream, being shouted at and doing lots of knees bent running about stuff carrying a rather large weight on my back and a rather less than top-notch personal weapon in my hands on Salisbury plain; a place; not known for its intrinsic beauty or breathtaking scenery. Mad or just bloody lucky? 8) :lol:
  2. I take it you haven't used it since the change to A2 then?
  3. Yup, but any weapon that still needs to be forward assisted is NOT a top notch weapon in my book; Bringback the SLR, allow auto on it and fit it with a decent scope and let me loose..... :twisted:
  4. It doesn't need to be forward assisted. The A2 is a fabulous weapon. Lets not bring back the SLR - for the millions of reasons discussed millions of times on arrse.
  5. Not according to PAM 5!
  6. If the new version doesn't need to be forward assisted, why does it say to do so in the manual and we are being taught to do so? The SA80 has the potential to be a great little weapon but it just isn't. The sights are pretty good and the size of it is handy but the problems have not been entirly wiped out. The calibre is also an issue now that has been discussed on other threads.

    Granted the SLR for me is an emotional hark back to my 'glory days' :roll: but it was a weapon that when it hit something, it stayed hit! :twisted:
  7. The forward assist is still part of the "Ready" drill.

  8. And stoppage drills.
  9. whispers....5A doesn't know because he's a civvie now :wink:
  10. Back on thread - congrats on finding your mojo, especially in a time like this.
  11. Thanks! i think its partly BECAUSE its a time like this :roll: :wink:
  12. Thread back off track....

    In FA's defence, see my bold...

    carry on....
  13. Mad or just bloody lucky?Im 40 now and doing it too :D Its definitely a bit of both,good luck to you sir and all us so called oldies :D
  14. speak up sonny; what did you say? :?
  15. 5.56 works fine

    Susat is being replaced by acog which is even better.

    I've never had a problem with stoppages as long as it's maintained properly.

    I suspect your opinion on the a2 is based on other peoples stories and what you've read in the papers (probably about the a1) with no personal experience. It's a good weapon and it works well. Don't knock it just because you think it's cool to do so.