I have done Both mate, Not heard MOI is no longer valid though
Just completed the Training Environment Cse. Didn't hear anything about MOI being no longer valid. As long as you have a teaching qual whether it DITs/BITs/MOI et al it doesn't matter
Depends if you're teaching at a phase 1 establishment i think. I had to go to RAF Halton and do DIT cse as part of it had a ''care of trainee's'' package. Rest of it was revision and a waste of my time.


Hmmmm MOIT/BIT/DIT at our RTW most of us have a mix of them, however we all recently had to do a DIT update course, despite being schools instructors of one sort of another.....go figure as most of the pre requesites (?) for those courses is MOIT/BIT/DIT! We are also having to do the T3 course. I suppose that until some one in the know makes the decision as to which one is best then it's a case of get away with what you have if you can.

IMOO MOIT is by far the best of the lot how many schools courses teach by BIT or DIT?


I have no idea but will find out in two months time!

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