Mohammed Al Fayed burns the Queen's coat of arms from Harrods for 'cynical' documenta

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Peter Dow Disciple, Jun 26, 2011.

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  1. Fayed burns the Queen's coat of arms for 'cynical' documentary | Mail Online

    Mohammed Al Fayed has burnt the royal crests that used to adorn the wall of Harrods as part of a TV documentary on the death of Princess Diana.

    Al Fayed also brands the Duke of Edinburgh a 'Nazi' in the film, which will not be shown in Britain because it is far too libellous,

    In the controversial scene Al Fayed is pictured standing in the grounds of his country estate near Oxted in Surrey.

    As the royal warrants burn in the background, he says: 'I am destroying these royal crests as a tribute to my son Dodi.

    'I feel that he is looking down on this today.

    The royal crests of The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen Mother and the Prince of Wales were removed in 2000

    The royal crests of The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen Mother and the Prince of Wales were removed in 2000

    'There was a clear verdict of unlawful killing, so why has nobody been arrested? What is at the core of all this is racism.

    'Powerful people in this country -- my country -- don't want to hear me talking about Prince Philip's Nazi background, but I have to, because it is 100 per cent true.

    'They wouldn't accept me or my son, and when he fell in love with Diana, they murdered him.'

    Entitiled Unlawful killing, it was directed by actor Keith Allen, father of the pop singer Lily Allen.

    It has already provoked outrage for showing a sickening close-up photograph of Princess Diana just moments after the crash in Paris in 1997.

    It was shown at a private viewing at the Cannes Film Festival last month where it was roundly panned and described as 'ludicrous', 'cynical' and 'cruel.'

    In one scene the Queen is labelled a 'gangster in a tiara' while Prince Philip is described as a 'Fred West-style psychopath'.

    In 2000 Al Fayed removed the four royal coats of arms that had adorned the exterior of Harrods; those of the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and the Queen Mother.

    Hugo Vickers, the royal historian and author, told the Sunday Telegraph: 'It does seem vindictive and in very bad taste to burn the warrants but I suppose it's up to him. He was the shopkeeper.'

    Al Fayed funded the €2.4m production himself. It reportedly would have required 87 cuts before it could comply with British libel laws.

    It is due to be screened in public for the first time at the Galway Film Fleadh in Ireland on July 6.

    Distribution deals have also been secured in Russia, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland, and there is also interest in the US.

    An inquest in 2008 ruled that Diana and Dodi Fayed were unlawfully killed, but blamed their deaths on their driver, Henri Paul, and the paparazzi.

    Mr Vickers added: 'It is a great pity that Mohammed Fayed persists in peddling these myths when the inquiry into Diana's death has proved all the allegations were complete nonsense.

    'It is rather sad. I had seriously hoped he had given up on this after the inquest's final verdict.'
  2. up and running elsewhere

    also he doesn't own harrods anymore
  3. This would have been an interesting story, had al Fayed not been an absolute raving head case. Oh, and if you hadn't been a ginger loving cunt.
  4. So a mentally unhinged nutter is burning his own stuff and ranting about conspiracies and his dead kid so what? Still must warm your heart to know you and he are on the same side.
  5. Shame Dodi wasn't sharing the car with his dad instead of Diana that night
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  6. They should have all been smashed in the car. Diana was shagging a Muslim and had she married him, which would have been likely, she would have converted to Islam.
  7. Also a shame that the coat of arms wasn't nailed to PDD's head at the time.
  8. Al Fayed may be stinking rich yet craved to be a Brit and was turned down for our passport that he craved so much. Hope he is now arrested and will be taken to Paddington Green Custody Suite by the Met. I have a mate who used to work for him on CP work. His UK team used to work 10 days on 10 days off and were all ex RUC / SO19 / Ex Brit Mil. He used to hold our our Forces in high esteem. Sadly he has reverted to been a grubby Egyptian market trader. This will come back to bite him. Repatriate the idiot to Egypt.
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  9. Some of them also worked for M A-F in Paris at the Villa Windsor looking after the jewels etc.
  10. Done already.

    But as you're here already - you're a mouth-breathing cretin and we will save that hamster! Hang on in there Eric! (Oh God, I hope he isn't really "in there"...)
  11. Who is Eric ?
  12. And your point is what? That a former member of the Royal family was having a relationship with someone of a different faith and race oh the horror! Or are you a racist cunt as well as a regular cunt?
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  13. Don't act the innocent, you... you blasted thing you!! We know all about you and Peter and poor little Eric, nasty perverts the both of you. :-x
  14. Muslims are not a race of people. Your ignorance is astounding.

  15. "Kettle, send colour status, over." :roll:
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