Mohamed for Sale!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hurrahfortheRE, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. Wasn't sure where to post this but its at a £180 already.

    Mohamed the Teddy

    Quality, wish I'd thought of it.
  2. Like it, class.

    How long till it gets pulled! 36000 Visitors already.
  3. £832 and 37110 visitors.... :D
  4. Does it come with hate mob screaming shoot the buyer :roll:
  5. I think he's cute!
  6. Item number: 330193980849Questions from other members : Mohamed Teddy bear
    Question & Answer Answered On

    Q: Dude - you totally rule! I popped a rib laughing at this - just keep an eye out for bearded men in robes and funny hats brandishing large curved swords shouting "Infidel"! 01-Dec-07
    A: got some tips from my mate salman rushdie on how to avoid them
    Q: Brilliant, i would buy him a pint, but he is only the least i can do is offer him a fag....does he "smoke Embassy" ? 01-Dec-07
    A: he'll smoke anything you point him to
    Q: Hi can you send me your address to send you the cheque when I win the auction as I am using a bid SNIPER software regards Osama Bed Linen 01-Dec-07
    A: i'm in the cave next to yours, and saw you take a piss outside last night
    Q: How dare you . isnt this a slur on the great prohpet Mohamed who obviously looks just like this bear. I hear he has lots of brothers with the same name. 01-Dec-07
    A: there are many out there that claim to be mohamed the bear, only this is the real one
    Q: Jues', what a hiri bear! 01-Dec-07
    A: no time to shave
    Q: Hi,I'm going to be in Cheshire on Monday,any chance of a viewing.Just want to make sure I'm not getting a paw deal???Thanks 01-Dec-07
    A: sure, can you bring the monies ?
    Q: Hi there, nice bear, just wondering if he comes with his own body warmer and firework set to blow himself to bits when the authorities come to get him??? 01-Dec-07
    A: dunno, i've not looked in his rucksack
    Q: Is this a non-prophet auction? 01-Dec-07
    A: no, all prophets go to charity
    Q: if i won mohamed the bear, will i need to contact the bomb squad ? many thanks 01-Dec-07
    A: keep the number handy
    Q: You deserve a 200% positive feedback 01-Dec-07
    A: cheers
    Q: Blinding mate :) well done. 01-Dec-07
    A: thanks
    Q: Would Mo be willing to live in Glasgow, change his name to Walter, in honour of our Prophet, and his religion to Rangers Supporter? We are very nice people, love bears and are almost entirely a religion of peace, apart of course from our small militant wing, the IRN-BRU Hamas group, which reserves the right to kill anyone who insults our religion or anyone who does not insult our religion. 01-Dec-07
    A: he's not allowed anywhere near glasgow
    Q: I am wooried if I bid there may be reprocusions - will the bear not tell anyone where he has gone to or will i be forever looking over my shoulder for irrate millitants. Can you please advise? 30-Nov-07
    A: you makes your bid, you takes the risks..
    Q: hi, is mohamed a gay terrorist bear?,only ive heard he might want to blow paddington, & i wouldnt want to own a pig headed bear. 30-Nov-07
    A: not gay, not terrorist, just a nice little bear
    Q: fantastic what more can I say you havelade my weekend -don't get out much!- 30-Nov-07
    A: you're welcome
    Q: This has restored my faith! If I'm successful, will you leave pawsitive feedback? Thanks 30-Nov-07
    A: A++ great ebayer, fast delivery, super chap
    Q: class pure class fella. Just make sure you hide your address in PayPal and ebay, you know what some peeps are like these days. All the best 30-Nov-07
    A: sure, i know exactlly what you mean.
    Q: hi,Is Mohamed touchy at all ? ie does he suffer from sudan temper tantrums,I'm concerned as the last teddy bear i encountered woke me up sudanly then chased me off all because I ate his porridge and broke a chair.LOL Goldilocks 30-Nov-07
    A: mohamed is a little touchy but he doesn’t have a chip on his shoulder like the other bear
    Q: are you serious? This is bearly acceptable. 30-Nov-07
    A: come on, give me a break please.. can you bear to make a bid ?
    Q: Is Mohammad in many pieces or is it bearing arms? 30-Nov-07
    A: he comes fully armed

    this is class read to Q AND A
    101 cant stop laughing
  7. This has got to make the news at 10 or even the Scum news paper, Some great questions there :D
  8. Only if you support Scunthorpe Town, or City, or what ever!

    Sorry to diviate, but I could not help myself, living some 20 miles from their ground, I even passed it on Friday last, again it was shut!
  9. That is damned clever. The seller's "item description" bit is hilarious. Well impressed. :rofl: :rofl:
  10. lol...great stuff
  11. I'm not gonna buy it! I don't even want anything named Mohamed or of a similar name within 300 metres from my house!!(i zero-ed my rifle at that distance :twisted: ).
  12. KN0B :D fcuk off back to CHAVSVILLE, whats the village doing for an idiot while your out of town. Whats a diviate :? Banter, banter my old mucker, Ill come and see Brigg Town play on their ploughed field whenIm back up in sCUNThorpe in a few weeks, Love you :wink: .

    Ok back to a serious thread.

    I love to meet, however, not in Brigg as that is worse than Scunny and that's saying something! I only live here, i don't have to love it!
  14. :fish:
  15. some sad walt has probabaly put the highest bid in to show off to his other walty mates bids now £100,600.55