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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hhrebels, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. Hello all, I dont know if you are aware of the controversy going on in the US right now. For the 200th episode of a cartoon South Park the writers made an episode about how Muslims extremest agianst freedom of speech. The show was going to depict Mohammed, but out of fear Comedy Central canceled the show.

    After reading this board for a while now I figured you would find the response interesting. This is from a popular tv show The Daily Show[/video]

    And May 20 is draw Mohammed day,

    I relize this is my first post. Im not a jurno, and not looking for any controversy just thought yall might be interested.
  2. Our cartoons aren't so lily-livered. I can still remember the episode of Ivor the Engine where Mohamed gets bummed by the Chief Rabbi on a bed of bacon.
  3. And the one where he's wearing a big hat and saying "Does my bomb look big in this?"
  4. Yeah right. And you registered on ARRSE today to post about a censored septic comedy show? Are you a professional band wagon starter?
  5. The cartoonists have been threatened with death on the usual websites by the usual suspects.

    Humourless cnuts!

    Oh my God they've beheaded Kenny....The B*stards!!
  6. Actually it wasn't the death threats that I was trying to go at it was the reaction that I thought yall might find interesting. Iv read on this board many times how you feel the immagrants take thier new freedoms with open arms while trying to impose thier old traditions on the citizens. If you would watch the original video I posted I felt that John Stewart said exactly what I and many on this board believe.

    I had a feeling that yall had your own cartoons dealing with the subject. I was just not sure if it was as main stream and got the same reaction that seems to be going through the American public right now.
  7. Stop saying "Ya'll"!

    Your making me want to get the BBQ out.
  8. And the Electric Chair.
  9. Achmed the dead terrorist is funnier
  10. "yall"? WTF is that about? :? Are you a plastic Southerner? :?

    I don't watch "South Park" as I consider it a vulgar show with no redeeming value. I really don't care if they're struggling with censorship problems or not. Make of that what you will, Mr. Journo.
  11. Talking of funny,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    A junior member of staff at the "Foreign Office" during a brain-storming session for the up and coming papal visit in September, thought it would be good to get the holy father too, wait for it,

    1. Open an abortion clinic
    2. Bless a gay marriage
    3. Put his name to a commemorative condom.

    This junior member has been removed from their post and the British Ambassador to the Holy See has been summoned to a stand up chat with the Vatican.

    This broke on the 10 o'clock news tonight but seems to have dissapeared off the interweb, so at the moment I can't post a link,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sorry.

    Theres enough shit about this visit with aetheists threatening to have the pope arrested and then this stunt.
    Still as long as we don't insult the muslims we're okay.

    No need to crack out the bus, but I am f.ucked off with the so-called powers to be in this country taking liberties.

  12. I saw the South Park episode and thought it was quite funny they had Buddha snorting cocaine as well as the pedo Mohammed, But it wasn't as funny as the "Dancing boys of Afghanistan". Now that was comedy.

  13. Actually I am a Southerner.
    All I'm taking from your comment is that your the type of person who could care less about a subject matter just as long as you type some random crap to look big on the internet.
  14. Couldn't give a t0ss about the Popes views to be honest, he's a backwards cnut but at least he doesn't ask the none johnny wearers to go out and kill cartoonists because they take the p1ss out of Jesus.

    I'd say that if they ever did kill one of the misters Stone or Parker that the backlash would actually be worse for the muslime community than when they parked two Boeings in the WTC.

    Most teenagers just rolled over in their beds when the WTC's came down, I bet they'd be more p1ssed off if Kenny really was dead forever.
  15. fyi, SP 200 (in two parts) was pretty funny and can be found linked at (watch out for dodgy links popups etc) - I personally would never condone any illicit use of the interwebs.. tututut bad boy!

    Jesus : "Buddha stop doing coke in front of the kids"

    Storm in a tea-cup springs to mind though. Even the references to their "g*d" were bleeped :)