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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SneakyTeen, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. *Insert serious question here ... wait no fuck it, let the sad ******* have their fun re-enacting black hawk down, yes thats better* hey isnt black hawk down soooo cool !!
  2. Yeah mate, theres actually planning underway for an operation which is to be launched by primarily British forces in the area.

    From what I can work out they Intend to lift some major players from a building somewhere near the Bakara Market. Initial rumour is that they intend to fast rope some guys in from 4 Merlins around the buildings to provide a cordon whilst UK Special Forces units land in Puma on the roof of the building. The idea is they'll sweep down and lift the bad guys whilst the Infantry lads stop any access into or out of the area aswell as being able to react if it kicks off.

    Whilst all this is happening a convoy of DAFs and Snatch landrovers will drive in from Moghadishu airport and RV with the rest of the guys to extract everyone including the targets.

    Should be a good one, just hope non of the Merlins get shot down.

  3. Sounds good! They could make a film of it!
  4. hey, i love that film :D
  5. Dinger, Baz, Crazy Dave and I have been working like fcuk to keep that secret, and now you've bust it on an open forum ffs!
  6. No British pilot would be dim enough to loiter like George Michael in a hostile zone in broad daylight over a hostile and armed to the teeth urban area.
  7. ptchoo ptchoo
  8. Sorry mate, I was walking through Hereford and found it wrote on the back of a fag packet.

    Ginge, Taff and Legs know about it too.
  9. I really think there is scope for a film both of the Falklands and of Sierra Leone. With todays special effects you could do either on the cheap-ish side.
  10. I forgot to mention, we should be in and out in an hour - So theres no need for the lads to pack NVGs. Also this weeks Ally thing is to not wear plates in the back of your body drama, I mean, who wants to get shot in the back running away?
  11. Yeh, but don't FFS, tell 'em who's going to be first on the balcony of the Bakara market
  12. Don't forget lighten your load and don't take too much water!!!!

    This plan you found is fool-proof.
  13. There is something familiar about the tone of the original post that reminds me of someone....
  14. DPM?

    Simple way of finding out.

    Corporals in the Cadets are gay and smoke their instructors c0ck.

    If he crys like a girl then we know it's him under a new user name.