Does anyone know anything about the above? Am a war reporter/TV producer with 6 yrs experience in TV current affairs with a smattering of print journalism, and 4 yrs in the TA until about 2 yrs ago.

The specific question is, would it be more fun/dangerous/exciting being a tom in the above than an officer in 7644 sqn, the crab equivalent?

I enjoy contacts, am bored in my current desk job, and would prefer shepherding journos into bang-bang situations with a chance to finally have a pop back to teaching mid-level officers how to evade tricky questions.

Helpful responses to early mid-life crisis appreciated.
CCT (combat camera team) might be your kind of thing? More likely to get shot at as you won't just be shepherding a journo: you'll BE one. Sort of. Apply through MOG (V) I think.

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