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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Chopsy, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. Am considering joining the Media Operations Group (Volunteers) - anyone here any experience of being in or working with them? Any top tips? Thanks
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Are you in the meeja?

  3. I served with the MOG for 11 years and had a great time. You really need Media experience though. I was interested to read on another thread about a BBC chap who served with the R Aux Airforce, but the BBC thought that his service was incompatable with his day job. Funny that as a former Deputy DG of the Beeb was the Col Media Ops for a number of years! I would just check with your organisation, if you are in the media, before you consider the MOG further. I gather they are now formed into Squadrons and it is no longer an all Officer Unit. A good bunch!
  4. there's a mog(v) unit down in kingstown, i'm with another unit nearby but i can get the number if you want
  5. They were in the process of a re-org, but may be recruiting again now.
  6. Having just looked at the web page, I wonder who on earth decided that a Radio Producers job in the MOG(V)should be at L/Cpl level! Surely not. After years as a presenter/producer at the BBC and a former Station Controller (Western Europe) for BFBS, as well a serving with the MOG, much as I appreciate what L/Cpls can do, they won't get anybody who is a fully trained professional to join the MOG(V) at this level! How many L/Cpls have a degree I wonder.
  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

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    Chopsy - hope you get some good pointers for the MOG (V) here.

    An oppo is still serving with them and if you get no joy PM me and I'll point you at each other.

    I shouldn't get too precious about Lance jacks with a degree if I were you - another lady of my aquaint with a good degree and five years classroom teaching experience has just re-qualified as a medic and now adorns the ranks of the QARANC - as a full screw.

    pip pip old top!

  8. If you have more a of a PR background than a media one can I recommend 15 (UK) Psyops Gp (V) for a change.

    With a Print, Radio and TV cell there are plenty of good opportunities to be had.
  9. You beat me to it Sir Sidney, I can recommend them too, a thoroughly good bunch, and more new kit than I've ever seen!
  10. Indeed, Psyops is big business, munitions of the mind, non-kinetic G3 asset and all that.
  11. "The force multiplier for Hearts and Minds" as per their boss, a couple of years ago. It's not you is it Sir Sidney?!
  12. Well there are always exceptions to the rule. My point is that most broadcasters, those with any experience that is, wouldn't consider an appointment at this level. Particularly when many of the Officers in the MOG have no particular specialisation, perhaps with the exception of the ability to write quite well! Or pass a Commissions Board.
  13. While you did come across as a bit of a tit, I would agree: even a lowly researcher (though for a good news org) like myself wouldn't consider joining other than as a subbie...

    BTW, how does it work for non-grizzled STAB vets? Do you commission elsewhere and then transfer? Isn't that a bit harsh on the original sponsoring unit, or do M0G(V) sponsor also?
  14. Yes. I probably did sound a bit of a tit, but you get my drift and I was trying to make a serious point. MOG (V) sponsor as well. There was a time when there were Direct Commissions, 2Lt/Acting Capt, but things may have changed now.