MOG - Logistics of Operation; Information

I am currently trying to decide between submitting my candidacy as an Officer for MOG or pursuing a commission with the Navy's (full-time) equivalent. I would much rather work with the Army as I would like to do some front-line journalism.

I think I'm the right age (30) wherein I have the requisite education and experience but I'm also fit and prepared to dodge bullets. While I've never been in the military, I have experience working in dangerous areas.

I wish MOG were part of the Regular army so I could serve full time. I think I'd be a real asset. Logistically speaking, I don't understand how it performs its important function while constantly rotating the core of its staff? How does this system work, precisely?

I was also wondering, how much active time do most MOG soldiers get to see?

Also, I've spent most of my time outside the UK and traveling over the past ten years (40+ countries). Obviously, this was great experience. However, its my understanding that getting an SC clearance would be pretty much impossible given these circumstances. Does that preclude me from becoming an officer?

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