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I'm making slow but steady progress towards joining, I've my AOSB TA Briefing to look forward to mid May. However, before I can join the module two at the RTC for Officer Training, I need to complete Module One. I've not been able to find out any details apart from the first part is called 'TASFS'. Could any please help me understand what Module One covers, the tests, the requirements, and roughly how many weekends it will take? I'm due to start Module Two at the RTC at the end of June.

Thanks very much.
As far as I am aware you will need to complete TAFS 1 and 2 then Module 1 (CMSR). This should take nine weekends in total however various RTC's run Module 1 over a two week period, this should suit you more if you need to fit it in before the end of June. Speak to your RTC and see what is available...remember that can train outside your RTC so long as the powers that be allow you to do so.

Which RTC do you fall under?

Also I have been told that the May boards have been cancelled due to a lack of numbers however that may just be the Main Board.
Homunculus, thanks for that.

I'll be with 15th Bde, North East, based at Strensall. I'm rather suspicious of the whole recruitment thing now, because there's no way I can fit in 9 weeks from now until the end of June, especially since I haven't even cleared a medical. If May briefings are canceled, this will help as my Module 1 will be pushed back until after that, giving me more time to train.

I have a lovely line on my training programme: It is desirable that all students should endeavour to have attended TA Briefing prior to the start of Module 2 training. What a sentence!

Does anyone know how often do the programmes run?
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