MOdule 5 - whats the point?

What do you think the rationale for Module 5 is

  • To make sure TA YO never get to go near their TAC

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  • To ensure that you sap any remaining life out of TA officers

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  • To keep training teams employed

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After doing two of the Mod 5s now and traveling the lenght of the country for the pleasure I just want to know what the point is? Both could of been condensed into one day (if not less). It just seems to be courses for courses sake. Its just annoying that you have to spend two days on being told what size font to use on a letter and then at the end being told just to cut and paste anyway. :evil: :evil:

I know Im moaning and I'll await incoming but it doesnt seem that anyone really knows why this requirement has been brought in!

Whats the syllabus?

Planning Training
Managing Soldier
NBC - For Group B Commissions
2 points jash:

1. The pilot Mod 5 was run between the 3 Bde's of 2 Div and the syllabus changed (albeit only slightly) in both content and time-scales to reflect the feedback from the original participants.

2. The training teams are TA as well and are busting a gut to get this right, because it is important.

2 questions:

1. Did you discuss your dissatisfaction with the training teams?

2. How else would you bridge the gap between 10 months Reg Course and 3 weeks TA course before putting equivalent ranked TA and Reg in charge of real life soldiers?
All these should be formally taught. When I wer't lad we had to pick all this up on the job and learn from mistakes. They are some of the modules that are not covered up to TACC and are necessary if we are going to perform professionally alongside regular counterparts on ops.

There appears to be well over a day's worth of training in that syllabus and if there wasn't then the DS were not going into enough depth. Feedback on your inval (presume they're doing this?) and through your unit officer training officer (2ic?). You deserve the best training and if you're not getting it let people know

I take your point but I've done both course with different brigades and I dont think that 30 mins lessons followed by 15-30 mins break is a good use of time, hence the possibility of combining the weekends. On both courses the question was asked 'Do we get confirmed onced we complete MOD 5 or is it a year from the date we finish'. Both times the DS didnt know, as well as one DS (the OC) not being able to answer how the process was being recorded! As for busting a gut to hold the sessions. Surely rrom a handout to RMAS slides isnt that taxing by anyones standards. As for the Inval both times have been told that there is no flexibility in the system so it is as it is.

Im sorry Abacus but the rationale is there and correct,unfortunately the implementation is not following through.

There is one excellant side to it which is mentioned above you do get to meet other subbies and find out what there having issues with. WhatIm annoyed is that its time I think would be better spent at your TAC actually learning your role. In your first few years you have enough courses that you have to go on to be fit for role, I may be way off make but if I am then so are all the other subbies who have left two weekends moaning.
Jash - You obviously excelled yourself on the course, as there are 10 spelling/grammatical errors in your last post. You might not get confirmed with pish spelling.
Im afraid NAP6W it'll take more than one weekend to undo 18 years of poor spelling! But I am happy to say I now know the correct position and lay-out of a signature box on a letter. I can finally now crack on and lead my chaps over the top!
Jash - as you well know, the opportunity to use your Mod 5 skills happens 300 times a week more than leading your guys over the top.
I can see points on both sides of this argument.

On one hand I think it is a good thing that you are at least being formally taught this stuff but on the other you must be itching to get stuck in to unit life without being pulled out for yet more training.

I think I am the same vintage as Blyth_Spirit and thus can remember having to piece these topics together on an ad hoc basis without much in the way of guidance except for one adj who took his job seriously and did cover these things at Bn level. He organised two weekends in the training year to coincide with ITD training and I think got the CO's permission to substitute this training for some of the ITDs that year.

It is a good idea to keep the big picture in mind when considering this issue which relates to NCOs as well now that they are effectively useless unless they have a couple of skill courses under their belt. If you accept that a keen TA soldier (officers included) has perhaps five or six years before he or she begins to fall foul of life's little obstacles like families and promotions etc, it doesn't make much sense to have over half of that time taken up with just getting qualified to do their jobs.
stickybomb said:
I think I am the same vintage as Blyth_Spirit.
You old b*stard!

There is a case to be made for this training to be conducted in unit. Taking young officers aside and mentoring them has always been a role for commanders. If formal TOs could be diseminated and a measure of assessment introduced. It is the easiest way to bring them all together and get it over and done with but if this training is not being delivered well it will be another influencing factor as to whether a YO sticks at his TA career.
I have often wondered about this and the gap in 'soldier management and administration' that is taught in the Regular RMAS course, and left out of the TACC.

As an example of this, I had one of my Lts who was comissioned about 2 years ago ask me yesterday 'what is a Troop Commanders note book, and what is in it?" .

there is a definate gap there that should be covered somewhere in the training, and i'm sure that 3 hrs of death by powerpoint of on how to write a CR isn't exactly how i'd like to spend a weekend. My sympathies, Jash, but you gotta do this training, and its the sort of thing I would have been glad of in my day.

If the trainign is falling short of the mark then let the training unit know about it? Who was it? C'mon, name and shame the brigades? I'm guessing one of them had a big Polar Bear logo!

But the best way to make the training better is to fill in that course evaluation form and be honest. Perhaps even speak to the Bde Trg Officer.

PS: I hope they taught you to speak the Queen's English properly too! ;)
As always thank you HVM_Boy for your comments. Again I have to agree and make sure that my point is being lost through all my spelling mistakes. That is before the Module started I was actually looking forward to it (sad maybe) and could see the necessity for it but its just not lived up to it. I came away yesterday evening and on my 6 hour journey back ran through the time actually spent being thaught and it equalled 4.5 hours on Saturday and 1.5 on Sunday but Saturday was 0800 to 1730. Thats a lot of unutilised time. We raised a point as to why not have just two centers, one actually RMAS and one in the North which would mean decent number (only 11 YOs on this weekend) but also it means that its easier for the powers to be to ensure that there is quality to whats being taught! again got the answer as to all our feedback. 'Cant alter the way its been set up' (pointless to have feedback then!) Its just a case of if your going to take people away for a weekend it shouldnt be a case of 'box ticking' but actually to train them.

If you take it a YO has: -

3 Weeks sandhurst
2 Week YOs course
Mod 5

to do in order to get confirmed as an Officer, (Normally done in their first year) it doesnt give then much time to actually get hands on experience, ie. annual camp, training weekends, etc. Which is where my main grip is

On an aside HVM_Boy the last weekend was held not a million miles from your RHQ other than that I couldnt possibly comment!!
HVM_Boy said:
As an example of this, I had one of my Lts who was comissioned about 2 years ago ask me yesterday 'what is a Troop Commanders note book, and what is in it?" .
This and other soldier administration points are covered in the "TA Potential and Junior Officer Training Support Pack" nicely provided by all bdes on a cd set. There's a few officer training bods around who could probably organise a copy...
NAP6W I could say sorry for not caring about my spelling but....
Blyth_spirit said:
Do you think there a case for a JSP 101 moderator with the ability to 'red pen' posts and send them back?
It's far worse than you imagine B_s. I refer you here.

It is all really, rather, sad; and Jash says he doesn't care (is there still a requirement to write an essay at R/TCB?).
Mod 5 is important but not as is. It's at least a weekend too long. I also agree that it is quite frustrating to be spending an hour in a classroom followed by half an hour drinking tea.

At RMAS we had lessons which to be fair were irrelevant. No disrepect to SO2 TA why do we need to understand TA structure? Do we ever have an need to 'liaise' with our colleagues in other parts of the service? If we do surely we know who they are and what they do anyway, and a simple hand out would suffice.

Why not stick the Soldier Management stuff in at RMAS taking some of the TA structure time, and shift the Media Ops stuff into Mod 5, which is more fun and could be provided by the spectacle wearing, red braces brigade from Media Ops.

As an aside, for those that seem to take some pleasure in highlighting people's grammatical errors... the fact that you dwell on the packaging and not the content speaks volumes about your character. Would you deride one of you soldiers if they had illiteracy issues? This is a serious discussion about whether Mod5 does actually provided value for time, so let's keep an eye on that and perhaps we'll get some answers.
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