Module 5 Training

Having completed TACC 046 in July we were told that we would need to attend Module 5 (3 weekends of post commissioning training)of the new process in order to have our commissions confirmed (as well as the other normal conditions). When returing to my unit and discussing this with my OC, PSAO, TM and Adj no one seems to know anything about it.

Does anyone know any dates or locations that this training is taking place? Or, has anyone done this yet?

2 Div running trial to "prove" the CTP and provide a "best practise" template. 15 Bde ran w/e 1 back in Dec, 42 Bde running w/e 2 this month and 51 Bde running w/e 3 in March. Thereafter should be available from RTCs in all Divs across the country.

libod you will definitely need to do.

IOWR, I think you may be off the hook given that you did your TACC last Jan as the new scheme seems only to apply to post-May-04 officers. I will confirm this tomorrow afternoon and post accordingly.
isleofwightrifles said:
I split PC/CC, and was on the first course needing module 5. :(
Is that why they call you lucky? :D

Just found the reference and happy to confirm your point above: May 04 was the first needing module 5. (Naturally, this is the TA and all things subject to change - usually because someone doing a job like mine gets a bright idea)

Also got the CTP open in front of me and it's pretty good stuff that would have been very useful to me way back then so you probably are lucky and I'm sure we won't be turning anyone away just because they did an earlier Sandhurst anyway.

Link in your earlier post gives a fair heads-up on content - bit of swap between weekends since we published on the web site but overall content OK.

W/e 4 mentioned is for Group B to Group A conversions, i.e. from UOTC to TA.
I actually like the idea of PCT, but I'd have it done already if it was live. I also like the new commissioning process, although not subject to it. However, if I hadn't have made May I think I'd have to go back to module 2. It's interesting to chat with OCdts going through now, as I get the impression its an improvement over MTQ-2.

Any idea when PCT goes live in 4 Div?
No idea about 4 Div but would guess most RTCs will aim to start after the Sept TACC to ensure sufficient numbers to make it worthwhile. Interesting to note that MTQ3 and Mod 3 are now "one and the same" to quote from a Div paper on this subject.

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