Module 3 Course 51 Bde RTC

Morning all,

I was thinking about the Mod3 being run by the RTC in June and was wondering if anyone can give me more info on it. It is being run, oddly, over 2 separate long weekends as opposed to the usual 9 day battle camp.

Does anyone have a rundown of the events on it and how they'll get a long enough FTX into it? Along with practac training and final TEWT before Mod 4?

Reason for asking is that I went on SL09 and passed, but my Mod 3 has run out (6 months valid). I am booked on this course but haven't got JI's get and was hoping someone could give me a bit of a heads up before it began (as I know they are running a Mod 2 at the moment also).



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