Module 3 and TACC questions

I've heard there is a new course running where you can condense modules 2 and 3 into a couple of weeks before TACC and do the whole lot in just 5 or 6 weeks solid. Is that wishful thinking?

What is the process of attending modules 2 and 3 at 'RTC' (If that's what it's called now)? How many weeks does it last, how many courses a year etc.? Does any of this make any difference what capbadge you are?

If one comes from a regiment of the winged variety, are you required to have completed your jumps course prior to PO training? (It being a mandatory neccessary qual as a member of that unit)

Any info is truly, greatly appreciated.
Please try the search function. Try the words- Summer Leader. It's not a new course. It has been running for years. Are you OTC?

RTC has one or two Mod 2 courses a year- 10 weekends. Then Mod 3 (9 days). All capbadges.

No idea about wings- ask bodyform.

Good luck!
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