Module 2 and 3

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 570mils, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. I would be grateful for any help on the following:

    Mrs 570 is currently undergoing Training on Module 2 and 3 and hoping to complete and get to RMAS berfore the end of the year.

    Has anyone got a cop of the syllabus that I could see and help with her training. Not much support unfortunately from her own unit and things have definitley changed a bit since I left in '98.

    Many thanks for the sensible answers, if any.

  2. I would reccomend stamping her feet lots more at her unit. They are after all there to help!
  3. I'm training as a TAPO at the moment and I know that the last TACC at RMAS this year is in September and will last 3 weeks.

    She will need to have attended and passed AOSB Briefing and Main Board at Westbury, preferably during the early stages of her Module 2 training.

    In terms of course syllabus, I would advise her to contact her local RTC for information on course content and dates.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Module 2 basically consists of: -

    1,2= Matts weekend
    3= orders
    4= Map reading
    5= section attack
    6= Plt attack
    7= recce patrols
    8= field ex
    9= Practac

    Signals is put to one weekend in some places I believe.

    It's best, not to deride your experience, if you don't give her too much input on the syllabus simply because RTCs specifically train TAPOs to the RMAS way of doing things. This is different to the ways many other places, people, institutions do them (very confusing when on a Sqn ex!).

    The best way you could help her is to test her on the things she's learned so her mil knowledge is up to scratch, take her orienteering for her map reading and be a fitness buddy with her. This will be more invaluable than anything else. The rest her RTC should cover.
  5. Many thansk for the sensible enswers.

    Hadn't planned on helping other than the basics ie fitness and map reading really.

    After all I may have done it in the past but things change and it's been a few years since I left.

    2lives, passed main board already and just started with the RTC a couple of weeks ago.

    Many thansk all.