Modular Webbing/Vests

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by k613, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. Given the popularity of modular vests in the US Forces (MOLLE) and the rise of it amongst oursleves initially in OSPREY and latterly in the new issue assault vest in the easterley of the sandy places, what are your views/experiences/thoughts on it. I don't want to promote the vest/chest rig/belt order arguement, I just wanted to canvas opion.
  2. Well the modular approach has come in and i believe this is the way forward on British kit, i'm not going into the PLCE webbing vs Modular Vests arguement as both have there pros and cons.
    For OP's in sandy places where you can scale down the kit to a minimum has got to be a plus point?
    If i'm remembering right don't the US soldiers get issued MOLLE pouches as per ther job role/ trade? This could be a down fall on the Brit Osprey Modular over vest, for example does a Clerk, Chef need 40mm pouches?(no disrespect to the Steven Segal Chefs out there) Where as an infantry soldier with USGL only gets what pouches come in the pack.
    In a section you could interchange your pouches as per a patrol, but looking on the larger picture it seems a logistical nightmare!
    Have they got a Minimi Pouch for this new system yet?
  3. I remember first seeing the Molle 1 back in 1999 and thinking that the modular vest is unneeded ,
    These day's I think that having a "platform" and pouches is not a bad Idea but that not all pouches need to be removable ,I've used my modular /Molle belt kit and its not bad but does add on extra weight.
    The Pattern 1908,37,44,58,90 are also modular but in a more simple manner.
    As for logistics for an army as big as the US's and spread around the world it makes it easier to give a choose of Platforms and pouches so the solider can fit the kit to the job ,
    Just funny that they didn't do this with their uniform ,same uniform and camouflage for the world over Desert,Jungle, Snow and Europe
    yours REG646
  4. A platform would be ideal. I would suggest the current assault vest but with detachable pouches for ammo and those small utilty pouchs on the shoulders. You could have two uty pouches for medics or two ammo for riflemen. or whatever else you fancy.
  5. The Yanks looked at this in the late 80's in Boxhead land as the M1 and M2/M3 were rolling out. Ended up with 8 (yes eight) schemes just for Central Europe. What made it worse was that 8 of the schemes ALL looked like copies of Waffen-SS Pea-leaf patterns! I think they decided that repainting everything every 3 months and twice in winter if it snowed or rained was a little OTT....
  6. The current ops vest has no pouches at all on it. There were attempts to put some fixed pouches like ammo and first aid. However during unit testing there was no one system that was acceptable to all, hence why the current vest is a platform that you can connect any of the 14 issues pouches. More are being added every month as new kit is issued (FIST is the latest due in in March)

    The full 14 pouches were issued up front as the timeline was so short and spending time getting the scaling correct would have meant that the next rip would not have had the latest vest; which obviously is unacceptable. A case of spend now to make sure the troops have the kit. I know that people will think this a rarity but its actually the norm with personal clothing and equipment.

    As with most decisions marked 'needs more work' PECOC has been told to sort out the vest & pouches issues.

    The final note may surprise. The current issue vest is funded by ops. If ops cease (unlikely I know) or funding is reduced by the Treasury (a possibility) then the vest could go and PLCE will be back in.

    Dust off the belt order!
  7. Lets face it, anythings better than those peice of crap viper made m83 copies
  8. I Second that!
  9. I am currently using the US modular (MOLLE) system pouches mounted directly on US issued Body Armour. If you have to wear the body armour this is by far the best solution. I was issued (by the US Army, gotta love em) with enough pouches to cover just about any weapon combination I might carry apart from the 9mm pistol. I supplemented wirth a set of aftermarket 9mm mag pouches that are easily available from the PX anywhere US soldiers are stationed.

    So far I have had no problems with the quality of the kit or the robustness of the attachments.
  10. I used a load of blackhawk pouches on my osprey in Afghanistan last year. Tough as nails. Did the job very well.
  11. IDF has been using it for years - with lots of varieties depending upon who they are beating up and to which unit they belong to ... so if works for them ...
  12. Modular kit is great for personalisation, so the Minimi gunner gets loads of link pouches, the rifleman gets loads of ammo pouches and the medic gets finger-bandage pouches...

    But the coy commander always insists that people wear uniform kit. W@zzock he may be, but with attitudes like that around we might as well stick to PLCE, which has always been fine for me in my varied roles...