Modular TA comissioning

I recently heard a rumour that some Brigades will be starting a modular TA comissioning process from January. I was told that in order to attend a pre-TCB an OCdt must complete a 10 weekend over 10 months course. I am told that these weekends are a set syllabus from sandhurst.
Can anyone shed any light on this as i am considering a TA comission at the moment.
It's already started in 42 Bde. I'll post a link when I can lay my hands on one. It was linked from

Its the new ROCC (v) commissioning scheme

The idea is to make TA officers more comperable to Regs.

Unfortunately the amount of training required will probably mean that most people will not be able to put the time in.
Ahh the modular TA commissioning. These lads are right it's already started and we're on Module 2 currently well actually the first weekend starts tonight.
Right well Mister Fish,

Here goes, as a past modular type, from the bonnie shores of Scotia, where the plan was piloted i am the font of all knowlegde on this subject, well not really, but ask away, i shall answer what i can :lol:
Look forward to hearing from you

Ah you're one of those blighters from scotland!

Just as a reference theirs was apparently similar but not fully intergrated to the new syllabus/guidelines.

The one run by 42 brigade is infact the first DEPO training of the new method.

(All paraphrasing/quoting from the staff and people with far to many pictures on their epaulletes)

But I'd like to hear how yours went Gunner as i'm assuming it was very similar. Was your's 5 modules too etc?
Well, here goes

The initial phase was a selection weekend in Edinburgh where medicals, docs, command tasks and size rolling was performed under the auspices of the Sappers, but I didn't hold that against them.

Secondly,about a month hereafter a 2 weeks introduction camp was held where an introduction to leadership, slidering and such like wasconducted, think similar to MTQ1.

On the completion of this a set of twice monthly ensued, with the orders process, the 7qu's combat estimate and small unit tactics high on the agenda, this phase ending in a 3 day exercise in the lovely weather that Scotland in early winter is reknowed.

And basically thats it, with continuation training for those unable to angle a Sandhurst place in January. I personally am all set to go for the July TACC, and I'm only marginally more scared of global apocalypse :?


I am lead to believe that the lessons learnt in Scotland have been applied to the 42 Bde Trg package and that there are some differences.


So I have been led to believe, the new form of the course is being rolled out in 51bde this autumn.

Must say though, it was fun being the guinea pig lot :)

5 Module TA Officers Course has now started in 51 Bde, soon to be followed at all Regional training Centres. Course consists of:

Mod 1: CMS(R)TA with Officer Slant to it
Mod 2: 10 Weekends covering meat of officer trg
Mod 3: Week long pre RMAS battle camp (51 bde doing it as 2 long weekends)
Mod 4: The course formerly known TAPC/TACC at RMAS
Mod 5: 3 weekends of Post Commission Training (PCT), with an additional weekend of NBC for UOTC Gp B Offrs

In addition there is now a TA Cell at RMAS co-ordinating all Potential Officer Training and no one will get on a Mod 4 course unless they have been signed off as competent at Mod 3 level.

42 bde will shortly be doing a Mod 3 Cse
im one of those silly wee blighters on 51bde's TAOC, first wkend of module 2 has already been :shock: , which i missed :lol: , not that im botherd...went an got a medal on cambrain instead! :roll:

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