Modular sleeping system

Just "acquired" a spam sleeping system from a bloke that knows a bloke.

It's a great design:

1 x lightweight doss bag
1x Mediumweight dossbag
1 x zipped bivvy bag
1 x stuffsack.

Basically the two doss bags can be put one inside the other to make a uber toastie bag, they attach together with poppers which run down either side of the zip.

The doss bags attach to the bivvy bag also by the zip.

The stuff sack has 6 points of adjustment long ways and 3 around the body.

Finally both bags and the bivvy compress down to about half the size and weight of a bouncing bomb.

Anyone know is there are any plans for a brit version of this? It's a very well made and designed item.
Brit version is on Trial now. I've only seen the inner bag and it looks just like the Jungle Bag. Someone here must have used one complete and can tell you more.

But however good it is we'll still find fault with it.........
I also managed to get hold of the US modular sleeping system,Two bags thin green one and a very thick black one, also a zipped woodland cam goretex bivvy bag all press studs together- It's a great bit of kit.
I have seen a modular sleeping system which i was told was the Brit trial?
It had two bags much like the US one, skinny inner and thick outer- use either or both together for artic nights. I don't think a new bivvy bag is on the cards?
Lady Macbeth is right
the RM's trialed in Afghan last year its similar to the American one mentioned above
its a 3 layer system....
1. starts with just a simple liner...
2. then a lightweight sleeping bag (2 season type, which can fit in a pouch day sack) with the liner gives you added warmth....
3. a larger sleeping bag ( 3 seasons) which with the liner and the lightweight sleeping system gives you added protection ( -20 degrees ish?)

they are all inter-changable and can be zipped together as well,
they all come with there own stuff sacks. total size just a bit smaller than a bouncing bomb.
it also has its own boot bag, so you can keep your boots on( which is water proof, this is used to protect the sleeping system from dirty boots.).
all in all its a good bit of kit, so the RM have said.

obviously its due in to service in the near future ( about 2050).

so you will get it issued with your pension???.
Oh cheddar you doubter!

It would have come in in quick time had the Marines (and the others as it went to more Army than it did RM, they were just the biggest single unit) given it the thumbs up.

However there were complaints about the fixing kits between the bags and the interface with the bivi bag. The final nail in the coffin was that together they are as big as the regular bag and people all wanted smaller kit; the point was that you would not have to carry it all only what you needed but that point was missed. 'Bit fiddly at night' type of thing so we missed the chance to apply pressure to start a bag for bag swap. It starts its 'real' trials on Monday along with the rest of the PECOC kit; climatic chambers are being cooled and heated up as we speak.

It was designed by DC IPT in conjunction with a very good Company in Austria via a UK distributor.
very good concept and as i have one i can tell you from experience that they retain moisture along the zip baffles and you get a wet doss bag after a couple of night in it! and no i did not swamp it!!

Other than the weight and the wet its not too bad an item.

Yank onme is better i hear, but no shock there
The Yank one is a great bit of kit, but is still the same size as a bouncing bomb! I use the US one as it's very snug! The skinny green bag is good for using in buildings and the black thicker one roughing it outdoors or for extreme cold use both with the gore-tex bivvy.
I don't think you'll find a better system ( well military ) for the price.
I was lucky and got the complete system for £65! Normally around the £100-£130? You get:
Inner green bag
Outer black bag
Gore-tex bivvy bag
Compresion sack
All vaccum sealed

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