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Does anyone have any gen on the proposed Modular Masters Program and how it applies to ICSC(L)2? My limited understanding is that attendance on ICSC give you a certain percentage of credits towards a Masters, however, there is precious little info out there.
I think ICSC(L) contributes 25% but, like you, I have heard very little.

I am really looking forward to completing a Modular Masters. I have so much time on my hands in my current Regimental Duty post that I'm sure as an SO2, I will be going up the walls with boredom. I'll probably put in a few hours work each night. It doesn't take long to bath a baby, feed her and put her to bed, eat my evening meal and do a little bit of home admin. Of course, my wife really doesn't mind if I pay her no attention at all, and who needs weekends? For me they just mean study, study, study!
Exactly my concerns Interceptor. I really feel that we have been sold short on this - to expect people to have a family life and also contribute their own self improvement is a little bit rich. The old system was good - it allowed you to take a little break from the main stream, and stretch the old grey matter. Now, who knows.......
You guys have got my sympathy - doing one full time at the College of Knowledge was hard enough.

This is another super example of the beancounters thinking they know best...
But this is how industry works for the most part.

Very few companies out there who will give you time off to study for an MBA for example - they'll pay, but the time off to accomplish it is another matter.
Ah, but in industry you don't spend 6 months out of 18 sitting in the desert being shot at and working from dawn till dusk. Also many companies will allow 1 day a week to study at a college, can't see that happening as an OC or SO2 working too hard!!!!
Very few companies will subsidise you doing an MA for free, with 25% of it covered by corporate training.
Not much to whinge about here....all majors on promotion will be effective;y staff trained to psc (land) standard (think the old Camberley course before it went joint), and the opportunity to get an MA - if they want one.

Being sold short? You DAHNT KNAA YOU'VE BEEN BORN!
Ah, yes.

But how many companies have a set-up like the Defence Academy/RMCS, designed to train their staff to MA/MSc level, and then choose not to use it?

...and make their employees move every two years or three years whether they like it or not that might take their off of the studying ball.
...or make them complete an endless cycle of distance learning - remember that the Modular Masters is the right of arc - the left of arc is MK1 and MK2 - all distance learning...

I suppose wht is good about MK1 is that those who can't hack it will leave before MK2 those who can't hack that will leave before ICSC(L) or maybe the Army will no longer be fun...
Apologies for resurrecting this, but I understand that the take up for MMP on ICSC(L)1 was quite poor, and already showing signs of creaking. Have heard stories of inflexible MAs and course work overload on MDAs. Anyone got any gen on this?
Home study sounds too much like hard work to me. I'm buggered most nights by the time the kids are in bed and dishes washed and I fall asleep in front of the box more often than not. And I wouldn't say I have the world's most demanding job. Some lucky people having more enthusiasm and motivation than I do will no doubt plough through all this extra studying but I'm afraid I can't see that many creeping into that group. Most of us normal people value the time we have outside of work too much to sacrifice it. But I take my hat off to those of you willing to do so.
Spanner said:
Apologies for resurrecting this, but I understand that the take up for MMP on ICSC(L)1 was quite poor, and already showing signs of creaking. Have heard stories of inflexible MAs and course work overload on MDAs. Anyone got any gen on this?
MMP Site

It is not entirely up to date, but answers most qs.

I understand that take up has been low and entry is not exclusive to ICSC(L) attendees, you can start earlier if you are considered 'worthy' by APC.
I did a full time Masters and it was bleeding hard work. To do the equivalent in my own time would have been very, very bad.......
I'm electing to complete my CMI Level 5/7 over the duration of this course then use the 60 points from completing ICSC(L) towards a Masters next year - in effect, applying for the next tranche of MMP places on the back of this course.

That said, my next job is great fun but hardly taxing, which puts me in a far better position than the sorts of people that Interceptor, Spanner and C_M are discussing above.
I completed my Cranfield Mil Studies MA whilst at the purple puzzle palace. However I'd rather have a proper OU MBA which is available thru the MMP. I wonder what sort of waiver I get for having spent 2 yrs attending occasional lectures and heaps of Private Study periods at a pleasant campus in oxfordshire (bloody nice fish pond)?



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