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Discussion in 'Officers' started by top_soldier, Jun 9, 2011.

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  1. Having heard a few rumours, can anyone confirm if there are any academic opportunities on ICSC(L) now? There used to be an opportunity to complete a Masters - has that all gone? (I'm trying to brief a couple of young bucks - badly...........)
  2. I'm just coming to the end of my Modular Masters now. The program has been pulled to save money as far as I know. We were supposed to do 2 Cranfield modules and get an MBA(Defence). Instead they canned the Cranfield programme after we had done just the frst module (I'm gald - it wasn't very good). We were thrown back to the OU and will complete a normal MBA with them (they will allow the one Cranfield module to stand). As far as I know there is nothing to replace it, except whatever you can afford with Enhanced Learning Credits. It is a shame as it was bloody good resettlement, but I'm guessing someone sussed out that the Return on Investment was pretty poor.
  3. The modular masters program has indeed gone. You can still get some masters level credit from ICSC(L), I believe and also some from the AET module, should you do that. I'm not sure what sort of Master these contribute to (MBA or other). As reported above, you the individual can use those credits toward an OU or Cranfield distance learning Masters course, but you'll have to pay for it (ELCs certainly won't cover it).

    There are still a few Masters degree courses out there. The Battlespace Technology Course is, apparently, an MSc course; the taught phase being conducted on the back of ICSC(L) and then I think you do the dissertation during and based on your IG2 job. I'm not sure how easy or otherwise it is to get a space on the BTC, as it is tied to the more demanding Tech IG2 jobs.

    I think there are also a few other Masters programs done on a much smaller scale (individuals rather than the 30 or 40 who do the BTC). I think there is an IS one and I think some or all ETS officers do one as well (presumably to qualify them to teach MA modules, etc).

    You are best off speaking, in the first instance to your desk officer or to (I think the title is) SO1 or 2 Officer Career Development, also at APC.
  4. Slightly obscure but the Italian Staff College gives you a Masters from the (Very well respected) Rome and Milan Universities in International Strategic Studies. 1 UK Army candidate per year. You also end up completely fluent in Italian and, from the Language Training at Beaconsfield (Assuming you pass) get a diploma from the Uni of Westminster that can be translated (with a short thesis and presentation) into a Masters in International Communication from the same Uni. In theory 2 Masters in 2 years.

  5. The AET Course (Acquisition Employment Training) does indeed give some 'credit' towards an MSc. This includes Cranfield's Defence Acquisition Management (DAM) MSc; although to be clear the 'credit' actually amounts to a simple exemption from the Programme and Project Management module (PPM) and its exam. PPM is one of 12 modules of the DAM MSc. If you've previously passed AET then, the exemption gives you a welcome break from the course. One of the current DAM MSc courses, Exec 7, is completing its PPM module now and so the students that had passed AET are enjoying a 3 month break between modules.
  6. You might wish to look at the Army Officers Course Accreditation Guide which you will find on MSWeb. There are clearly some issues: ICSC(L) can get you some OU credits, but the named Masters with the OU (International HR Management) has been discontinued (I have just attempted the credit transfer after 4 years).
  7. I don't recall the Italian Staff Course being mentioned in the DIN as being aligned to ICSC(L), is it aligned to ACSC or not aligned to either?
  8. Captain_Crusty

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    The BTC does indeed earn you a MSc - I gained mine a couple of weeks ago.

    The taught part of the course (5 months after and from the next course, 5 months before ICSC) earns a Postgraduate Diploma (PG Dip). A dissertation written during your IG2 appointment then tops this up to a MSc.
  9. Congratulations, how did you find doing the dissertation alongside your IG2 job?
  10. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    As long as you write it on something you would be working on for your job (....or you have a particularly understanding boss who lets you do it anyway) you should be fine.

    The minimum word count is 10,000 words which isn't that much if you are just trying to get past the 50% mark.