Modular kit question.



I after looking at the Good/Bad kit suppliers web site I was thinking of getting a Modular chest rig.

Because of my trade when I do go on ops I'm in the support role and most of the time don't need all the extra pouches that vests/rigs come with.
and sometimes less is more. for example most of the time i need a couple of ammo pouches and a u/t pouche but on other times i need more pouches and carry more ammo.

My question is has anyone had any experence with said item (it has to be a chest rig because assault vest's don't fit me properly) does anyone know which rig to buy or steer clear of?

any help would be great


Kit Reviewer
Hmmm, why not assualt vests? You a massive bloater or what???

Seriously, I've had a play with the couple - I personally don't like them, I keep on feeling like the weight pulls forwards rather than just sitting there. But, if you really want to then the issue one isn't too bad. Or anything from blackhawk/5.11/Eagle has a good rep, esp the Eagle.


Oh yeah sorry forgot to mention I'm a bit on the slim side i run and the vest's just bounce all over the place even when i do the back up.
Try it with body armour on. Ospray will bulk you out but even just CBA will add a bit. My assault vest only really fits with CBA on.

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