Modular courses vs Reg ones.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Spr_D, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. 9 weekends vs three weeks (hypothetical example) skillfade, civvie work commitment, available annual leave, training DS available. Too many factors to base a preference :C
  2. "What you talking 'bout Willis ?"
  3. Cuddly toy, conveyor belt, pop-up toaster
  4. Just how annoying the fact is that i can't get 3 weeks off work to do a relevant course, but i can sort of, if i beg and plead, get an early shift for appropriate dates to attend a modular course. But it's just ridonkulous how much skillfade sets in between the modules. I'm still using a fortnight of annual leave for the consolidation. I'm grategul for the oppertunity to attend an alternative. Just a swings and roundabouts vent i guess.....
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  5. I know what you're talkin 'bout willis.
    At the minute my unit is having a massive headache getting blokes on DROPS inst courses as its a three week course at DST and the head shed won't allow it to be a two week followed by 2 weekends course (ie a modular course) so unless our blokes can get three week off we're fucked. All our training has to done by our blokes going on 'camp' and it just takes years to get a 'soldier' who can fullfil his chosen role.
    What do we do, crack on or just sit aroung whinning.
    Personally i think if a Reg course is three week(CBRNI for example) then something needs to be done to incorporate TA training needs into this, I agree in a lot of respects that you cant teach a ta bloke in two weeks what the regs do in three with out cramming lessons or whatever they're doing down his throat till his head explodes so it would be better to do a two week with two weekend follow up so we are recieving the same training as the regs.
    Push it up the CoC and see what they think.
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  6. On positive note, that's what IBS do now, alot (ok some) of their courses are 2 weeks available to Reg and TA and it works, IMHO, really well, it was achieved by re-examining the requirements of the land army and redesigning the course to suit and not trying to force the old syllabus down everyone throat

    Other schools should take note
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  7. TA RSigs training is supposedly all modular... about 1-3 constitute class 3 and the remainder class 2. Many subjects are theorectical - computer networks, LANS, WANS etc. The end product is trained to same level as a regular.

    Not heard any rumours of it failing (or even starting)
  8. Bang on - someone really needs to take a sharpened lance to some of the current inflated courses!
  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Why don't you just send a DROPS operator on the DROPS Instructors course and bingo you'll have your own in house trainer. The course lasts two weeks at DST.
  10. Some courses contain too much shit and could easily be shortened. GS course for example. Took a week. Could have done it in half that time.

    Agree wholeheartedly that some courses need to be re assessed to cut out anything unnecessary.

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  11. Your problem Mr Happy is too much laterall logical thinking... it won't catch on :)
  12. Unless the length of the Instructor course has change in the last two month then its a three week course. If it has changed then thanks for the heads up.
  13. Ironically the course I was on (SAA ins) wasn't chopped as such just modularised. All the coaching and range safety info was pushed over onto another course, Range Safety Supervisor, and Range Management onto RMQ, each 2 weeks long and accessible to Reg and TA (except possibly the RMQ as there is a TA equivalent)
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  14. I've got three weeks off work starting next week, go on put me down for one of these then ;)
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Ahh well, you're too late then, because it was two weeks in 2003. Looks like the entire British Army is doomed..