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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by cascabel, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. I posted this same thing on RP, I know this isn't the right forum but couldn't really find a better one. I need some input on this please.

    One of my managers got transferred to a different store about a couple of months ago. He was very popular with the staff as he would let everyone do whatever the hell they wanted.

    The theory was that he got transferred because he was too soft, and the big boss, being a "figures" person, got rid of him.

    Today I found out that there is a different version, which includes me screwing him, and the company not allowing that sort of thing, moved him.

    Apparently everyone is talking about it, and the rumours have been going around for a couple of weeks behind my back, until one of the girls in my department told me today.

    I sent the bloke who told this girl, and presumably a lot more people, some hardcore hate mail on facebook for spreading lies about me.

    My oh says I should report him to HR.

    Everyone knows I have a boyfriend, I've never been flirtatious with anyone, and this could have potentially wrecked my relationship.

    Now I feel embarrassed even if I've done nothing wrong.

    I've never been in this situation before, what should I do?
  2. I'd write for help on an Army forum reknowned for it's sympathy and support where the members are never childish and will give you a broad shoulder to cry on and a big frilly hankie to blow your little nose into.

    If you find this place good luck

    Cos on here it'll be more like

    "no smoke without fire, you boned him you dirty scutter, now take the wrap, and if you cant then self harm a bit and burn your work down, then rub your own shite all over yourself and knock on your bosses door, when he answers rugby tackle him to the floor before killing him and all his family for besmirching your good name.... even though we all know you boned him...dirty scutter"

    Or something.
  3. Fair enough.

    I didn't shag him, if I had, at least I'd have something to show for it..

    Sorry I'm asking strangers, but at the moment I don't have many people around me, apart from work. Yeah I know... Boohoo :roll:
  4. just make out you did and go around telling everyone hes got a tiny c*ck and lasts no more than 10 or 15 seconds
  5. Why didn't you?

  6. I have a boyfriend
  7. Want another boyfriend ? :D
  8. Why limit yourself to just one?

    No experience is bad experience, just different.

    Think of the new tricks you could teach your young feller!
  9. You say that like it's a bad

    Cascabel are you sure you didn't have a little 'assignation' at the Xmas party/drink/pish up? Come on fess up.
  10. Yes, positive. :D

    Edited to add.. I don't know what I expected when I posted this, but it is now almost time to go to work and will have to deal with these people the best way I can. Thank you for your replies guys.
  11. One at a time is my advice. Tell 'em to form an orderly queue and each bring a condom and a bit of lard.
  12. Sounds like a nice case of libel/slander/defamation of character. Get thee a lawyer on it, take a 12 month paid break through stress and then accept a fat payout to take your boyfriend to a nice beach and serve him cold drinks and hot totty - unless you actually have something to hide.
  13. I would back up your claims with a couple of "artistic" photos of yourself which you could post on here. If the ARRSE membership decides you're a minger then there can be no chance that you slept with your Boss; if you're a stunner then there's no way you would stoop so low. For best effect I would suggest that the photos be "baps out".
  14. Like what? Crabs?? 8O
  15. Why the fcuk is this on the careers thread!