MoDs next big cost-cutting idea - replacing Scimitar?

P1ssed myself laughing at the pic:
Elite Corps of Chinky Deliverymen

Just imagine a whole CVRT-stylee family of them...

One with an old fashioned pram gaffer-taped to the back replaces Samaritan.
Strap a plank on and it replaces Spartan.
Dom Jolly-like giant mobile phone on the side, becomes Sultan.
Length of green string and a hammer and you have Sampson.

Edited to add: as I know that the powers that be do indeed monitor this site, please note that if any of you beancounters does introduce this at any time in the future, I want my fcuking cut of the bonus.
That's set me up for the day.
But what happens if someone pops up behind them?

But for Christ's Sake don't give the MOD ideas like that, before you know it the Blues and Royals will be on the conversion course.........................On the other hand now........
Why replace the Scimitar???

If it was good enough for Salahadin.... :D
All the BVs will be off loaded at a very cheap price to SODEXHO who will have the exclusive contract to supply hot water on all exercises and operations.

However, this service will only be available Mon to Fri during normal office hours. Personnel requiring any hot liquid refreshments will be required to submit their names to the SODEXHO hot water manager no less than 24 hours in advance, or no later than 1200 hrs on Fri for drinks to be consumed over the weekend. In the case of operations hot drinks will not be available outside of the rear combat zone as SODEXHO contract staff are not allowed to be exposed to danger as that contravenes Health & Safety. Furthermore, as this will be an exclusive contract any soldier caught making their own brews will be in breach of contract and th army will be subject to fines on each and every time. In order to ensure a good quality service at a reasonable price SODEXHO will charge each soldier GBP 5 per cup (small tea) of water. I believe this price will be acceptable to the soldier once they se the quality of our hot water.

Maybe I can get a job with SODEXHO?

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