Mods love affair with the ARRSE Hole

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by skintboymike, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. Dear Mods,

    Over the last few weeks I've noticed quite a few good threads finding their way in to the ARRSE Hole. Most are put there, quite rightly, by being pointless, contributing nothing towards the overall content of the site. (A recent one of mine included, deservedly so :D) Some, it seems, are put in there simply because the Mod was personally offended by one or more of the posters within the thread. I felt the need to ask; What do the mods believe constitutes a good thread? Just to remind you, here is the top line from the forum index;

    The ARRSE Hole
    A collection of all the most irrelevant, dull, and annoying posts.

    'Women and Cars' seemed to be a good topic, open to abuse and support from all quarters. It ended with a bite from CC. It seems he wanted to make sure he had the final word.

    'Spice Girls Reunion', while not the most newsworthy of topics, was hardly 'irrelevant, dull, and annoying'.

    Then there was the thread asking about info on joining RMP. While it may have been heard by everyone else a million times, there was no need to speak to him the way most people did. A link would have sufficed.

    Would it be at all possible to exercise a bit of restraint? I can understand the 'Where's Harry' kind of topics receiving swift retribution, but most of the threads in here are harmless enough. If the thread goes off topic a bit, why not just type a quick reminder to stick to the topic?

    Let's just get along, eh?
  2. Unfortunately the Mod in question is getting a wee bit above his station, especially if somebody has the audacity to answer him back. I think they refer to it as small man syndrome. Sadly said Mod appears to axercise his 'power' by deleting or moving posts with little or no explanation and freaquently for no aparent reason. As you so rightly point out it would appear that even if the thread appears popular, if it doesn't fit in with what he likes it gets holed. Good and Bad CO please take not because this tool is single handedly scrapping the NAAFI forum for you.

    I give this post a time to live of minutes few once he sees it. :x
  3. My post about Question Time went in there as well, I hadn't finished playing with it either!
  4. So who is the culprit?
  5. I don't want to provoke him into doing the same with this one - I just want to know what he personally believes the ARRSE Hole is there for. The young lad who wanted to join the RMP will now go away with nothing but negative opinions of this site. It may even, in extremis, affect his decision to join the forces altogether. Who cares if his spelling and grammar were a bit wayward?

    Whatever reason, it certainly seems as though the NAAFI is less 'no holds barred' than it once was.
  6. I think if you have a quick gander at the ARRSE Hole you'll be able to work it out rather sharpish. It's normally the quote at the end of the thread before it gets locked.
  7. the site has gone a lot more p.c. over the past few weeks,i don,t know why, maybe the mods are scared of upsetting journos and the guardian p.c. brigade.
  8. Good luck....

    ......been there, done that, got nowhere!

    Just sit back now and wait for the Moderator fan club or other brown-nosing wnakers to come in and slate you for daring to disagree!
  9. This may be the case, but with the rising popularity and notoriety of ARRSE the Mods can hardly be blamed for erring on the side of caution.
  10. Seen.....there is a few topics in there which i wouldnt of thought needed to be thrown in but thats just IMHO.
  11. I'm impressed this thread has been running over an hour now and it's still not been binned!
  12. That's because someone was clever enough to point out that if it was binned, it would prove the point. that someone has pointed out that someone has pointed out the above, it will probably be binned..

    Standby... :)
  13. Last week a thread I started was deleted (not even put in Arrsehole) within an hour with no explanation. I don't know if it was by your man but I was slightly bewildered.
  14. No mods in tonight?

    Can't believe this thread is 5 hours old!
  15. 10,