Mods forum dull as a dull thing

A "certain mod" left his laptop with me this weekend in order to be upgraded.

Unfotunatley, he is running Windows XP which retains user names and passwords :D

What a bunch of anally retentive tw*ts most of the mods are!!

Requests for me, MDN, Baddass, Gunny, Door Bundle etc etc etc to be banned, requests for the ENTIRE naafi forum to be removed, questions as to whether certain people are actually serving (even though a blind deaf man with an electrified senses blocking machine could see that they were) because they didn't toe the party line, rebutals by "senior" bods that all of the above request were b0llocks as this is what the NAAFI is about, accustaions that the above mentioned posters have an "ongoing competition" to see who can post the most sh1te. What a great read.

The comments I liked the most were the ones about, where it appears that through PM's to the "certain mods" inbox, everyone of them does agree that CGS is actually a c0ck :D

As much as the "certain mod" tried to hide his details, he was obviously too dense to notice how XP works :D

How I look forwrd to Monday :D
I suppose the words "oh dear, slight c o ck up" are eliminating somewhere along the line here.........or similar :roll:
Glad you like it.

Now hear this....

Neither BCO nor I have the time or will to read everything on this site, watch how things go generally, see what's popular and what's not, keep a little bit of a rein on the lunatics, walter mittys etc, try to prevent the site getting TOO much official heat without censoring, promoting debate in the forums etc etc etc. THE MODS DO THIS. If you enjoy this site you have them to thank for quite a lot of hard work. It is inevitable that people won't like some of their policies / comments etc, and the reason for the forum is so that a range of opinions can be aired without the sort of comments you've posted above.

This site is aways going to be a bit controversial so an element of control is needed. In general I think the site has an excellent bunch of mods and if you doubt me have a look around some of the other (any subject) utterly s h i t forums out there in the www.

OK, lecture over. I would appreciate it if you were to keep anything you read in there (our names for instance!) to yourself.
Would never dream of ever naming any names nor divulging anything of a personally demeaning nature, I just found it too hard to resist the temptation to look and then to tell :D

Agree that a lot of the mods do a lot of good, but even you've got to admit that some of the comments by a select few look like they have come from a 3 year old who has had a 4 year old steal his favourite smarties.

Besides that, from what I've read, some of the moderators would have been heartbroken had i not revealed what I had seen, after all I am ignorant, ill educated and underinformed oik, don't you know :wink:
Awww, Aunty, we love you. Dont give the 'rogue' mod too much 5hit for cocking up!! Hey, just think, you too could be in our position were you wouldnt feel the need to post this. One hopes that the security risk of a mod will 'get the beers in'. Did you tell him he's a c0ck and should repent his ways?

Ho hum.
You would say that, wouldn't you, Lord Flashfart. If the NAAFI had gone where would you have been. Back in the COCKpit where you should be? (Is it called that 'cos that's where cocks go?)


hey auntie , you could always bribe the offending MOD with keeping the secret in return for endless supplies of Stella !

seriously i can understand some of the work that MODS do as im a MOD in another military forum with all the responsibilities herein however i don't take it too seriously except where bad language, illegal activities are advocated, PERSEC issues etc etc , in fact i would consider it a personal failure if my presence has failed to prevent any of the above and having to take action.
I cannot believe that any of the moderators would ask for me to be banned........are you sure that's what they said?

I must admit that I find that hard to believe. Read it again young man, I'm sure that you are mistaken. Only the other day my chum LCpl PtP and I were just joshing about QMan9193's failed Army career, Canteen Cowboys AA membership, Forces Sweetfart's interesting and exciting threads, not to mention Lord Flashhearts exceptionally small penis (that was from Ptp Flash by the way!) and the question that's been on everyones lips for months.........what ever happened to Sniper bird? PtP understood that she has moved on to better things and has joined the Special Secret Sneaky Beaky Forces Site ( She was nominated as a moderator there, following her exceptional work for 'Guns & Ammo'. there is an interesting man. Never a dull moment in his sink town. Oh to be a real soldier eh MSR? And to talk about real soldier things. And not forgetting the man of the moment.........Gunners Codpiece! Where is he now? I miss him.

Yes, just this morning whilst pondering over breakfast, I couldn't help but notice how quickly people become moderators. Is this the new black? Or is this something to do with proving that the Army were wrong all along......and you can be trusted to be in charge of something! Those Promotion Boards were a joke anyway.........all 22 of of them.

I am surprised though that the COs haven't quite been keeping up with the times. If they actually visited the site more often, they'd have noticed that there it has attracted a new group of people. In keeping with modern 'liberal' trends, may I suggest that they create a new forum........for the gender confused. Perhaps a name like 'Weekend Women', where they could discuss 'convincing make up', pre op issues, post op blues, how much for a pair of tights! high heels and little black numbers. I'm sure that there will be several 'cat fights' over who the moderator will be. My vote goes to Gladtobegayoleary........or Frank as he is known Monday to Friday (office hours only).

I must admit that if it is indeed true that some of my closest freinds have conspired against me, I shall indeed be hurt.
Excellent work ORG. I totally agree with both you and the Good CO. There has to be a degree of moderation, otherwise this site would become boring, shitte and worthless. But some of the mods (you know who you are) should get off their high horse and come back down to earth. "Requests for blah, blah to be banned" !! Why? Because we answer you back? Because we question your posts? Because you have little or no repect on ARRSE?

When I first joined ARRSE I tried to posted serious stuff, and there was only one mod who would seriously debate it, and that was Flashy. Other mods poo'd on my serious posts with drivel. So, fcuk em ! The COs can ban me if they wish, and I'll go away. But have I said anything that serious to warrant a ban, apart from telling FS I think she comes across as snobby cow, even though her only connection to anything near snobby is an officer boyfriend, or PTP, who once rebuked me for a comment I made, only to commit the same offence I did later on, and when I PMd him about his double standards, I get no reply (plus he either works for the BBC website, or has shares in it).

It would be nice if some of these mods who want us banned could post something they have written, instead of obvious copy and pasting. Then maybe they'd get some respect.

Now, I have purchased Star Trek The Next Generation volume 5, 6 and 7 (approx 30 hours of Star Trek) and Blakes Seven Volume One (10 hours), and I intend to watch these today whilst drinking tooooo much cider and eating popcorn. Or I may go the pub. Decisions, decisions............ Anyone want to join me?
This is all very amusing - i can't believe any Mod was idiotic enough to trust their laptop to Aunty Stella's tender care................were you out of your skull?!!!

And as for being the subject of a discussion about being banned for being offensive - I would consider that as a badge of honour myself..... :lol:
Well Prod, I have to tell you that it is a popular beief amongst us 'meeker' posters that you are indeed a gobsh*te and need to be reined in.

Some of your posts are a bit coarse.
Outstanding, opened my emails this morning and already have two whiny teary requests not to be such a bad man :D

I strongly suggest that the originators of the two emails do the following

1. Locate the big button on the front of the PC marked "POWER"

2. Press it until the big squarey shiney thing in front of you goes dark (I know that this will be scarey, but it has to be done)

3. Fight your way through the discarded pizza boxes, sticky kleenex, empty bottles of diet coke and find the big wooden thing that fills the big hole at the end of your house / DSS bedsit / quarter. Pull the big wooden thing.

4. This may be frightening, but that large expanse that you are now looking at is called the "real world", go out into it.

5. It is important that you do not whine or act a c0ck to the same extent in the "real world" as someone may give you a "real kicking".

6. When you get a little too scared of the "real world" and feel the need to retreat back into he "pretend world", try to remember the difference between the two. This is very important as if you don't, cnuts like me, MDN, Baddass, Gunny, DB etc ec will take enormous delight in torturing you just for the fcuk of it.

7. Finally, remember, you are NOT important. I know that this may be hard to grasp in the "pretend world", but trust me, you really aren't :)

Right, I'm off down the pub.
ORG, I NEED to know who these people are. I too is off for a few jars of lager/cider, so will be rolling in pee'd later tonight. Please email/PM me these names, so I can indulge in lager/cider induced antics that will secure me a place in ARRSE folklore, or an instant ban !! :twisted:
Oh dear , I sense a real big decision looming :lol: when to delete this thread :?:

Of course there has to be moderation in all forms of debate, this is a great site, one that makes you think even when posting in a "serious" forum, proof read it (20 times )to ensure all those "highly funny" posters cannot turn your post instantly into a raging insult throwing "witty" thread.................and when you think they cannot read the first reply........ and oh sh#t you give a Homer "doh" .............its brilliant.

The Serving members and ex serving members(those who gave the biggest portion of there working life to the military I mean) generate some incredible discussion laced with a good dose of the military "black humour" and when "insulted" have the p#ss taken out of them move on and reply in kind whilst still making the relevent points of the original thread.

The ones who get upset the most are the "groupies" the ones who think they can match wittisisms(sp) or jibes with the likes of baddass, flash, mdn, doorbundle etc etc ............thats when we hear the cries to the MODS "ban them uncouth people who dont take my walter like existence seriously".............and when it comes to security or hinting at a persons identity again its always from the "walts" who post............anyway nuff said...............

Long may ARRSE reign and the freedom of speech we are enjoying thus far :lol:
'Black Humour?'......can he say that? Me and de brothers want him banned! Come on then moderators........ban his white ass!

Pass de duchy on de left hand side, hey...pass de duchy on de left hand side!!! 8)
ORG......I still find it incredible that anyone would ask for ME to be banned. Could you quote an example. Don't spare my feelings........they've been crushed already.

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