Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by HarrogateSeptember2006, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. Sorry too many of the beers...can't handle my a bit lively, i know. On the Royal Navy site and my mate saw it and told me to post it. Sorry people... :oops: HS2006
  2. Sorry old boy, I don't get it
  3. Listen m8 - you have been treated very fairly so far here. Dont push it
  4. I don't find it funny either.
  5. Men who go to sea are seamen. A Seaman Specialist in the navy is someone who specialises in seamanship... simple as that really.

    HS2006 - what's long, hard and full of seamen? A submarine.
    There you go, have a little chortle at that. :D
  6. Oh Harrogate , i am ex RN and i am about to be one of your Instructors ,
    so fecking watch out . Or are you going to snivvle to your 16 year old

    Oh yes i am an ex-submariner , so what you going to say about that ?
    Report to Sgt Waile@ as soon as you get up .
  7. I can see how it can be funny to your mate, if he/she has no interest in the armed forces and has no respect for the service men and women in the Royal Navy.
  8. And has the ambition to become a Leading Hand.
  9. My mates a bit of a dick...he's actually rather ignorant with regards to HM forces, i was on there because he said to me that RN get more money than Army upon entry...i said 'bollocks'...went on and indeed a RN recruit does get around 2 grand extra as a new entrant compared to the Army. HS2006
    Edited:Maybe he's not as ignorant as i thought.
  10. This is probably because the RN abolished the rank of Ordinary Seaman a few years back (equivalent to Private) and now on completion of new entry training, you immediately become an Able Seaman (equivalent to lance corporal). Therefore the pay on entry to the RN is likely to be the same as that of an LCpl in the Army but that's just a guess.
  11. J_D

    J_D LE

    HA HA HA................funny not, lets count how many times that has been said in the past 50 yrs :roll:

  12. Start phase one in two days and i didn't join for the money, but it did surprise me. HS2006
  13. I have already explained, apologised and wasn't a dig at RN! HS2006
  14. J_D

    J_D LE

    Good luck................ribena epilates would suit you a treat. You may want to pop over to rumration, might be more helpful.