MoDs Baron techwealth quits for Le Mans biofuel bid

Another interesting article from The Register / Lewis Page:

Troublemakers occasionally suggest that Drayson could have done better for our boys and girls in uniform - and for the taxpayers too - pointing out that the US Navy ordered a dozen rather larger choppers from Sikorsky five months later, getting a price of £6m apiece and delivery by the end of this year. These troublemakers sometimes suggest that in fact Drayson could have bought the whirlybirds from Sikorsky, given each sacked worker at AgustaWestland a half-million-pound payoff, and still saved £180m for the taxpayers.
Why do we persist in providing that nobber Page with publicity? It's like reading an interesting article in a Sunday colour supplement; all froth and no substance.


Can't agree more. Page was a passed- over Lt RN with a chip on his shoulder. I can't stand it when he is given equal billing to very knowledgeable or senior individuals (e.g CDS on Today about 6 months ago). When you dig into his arguments they tend to be skin deep.

I have met Lord Drayson through his association with amateur motorsport, and in that environment he came across like a good bloke. We also got him dressed in ICBA, helmet, asslt vest, LMG, fully bombed up, in Iraq in 50 deg heat to prove the point that the body armour was crap. He took the point well.

Osprey appeared a couple of months later. :D
I thought his (lewis page) book was very good and so did some of my workmates - it seemed to make alot of sense to us (ex service been in civvy st a while - not just ex army - a few matelots as well) ...why is he "a knobber" - what parts of his argument re defence procurement is flawed? why are his views controversial in todays army? I thought he would have made more of a positive impact on opinions here?
Page was a not particularly good officer who was a deep specialist in Mine Warfare. He got a huff when told that he couldnt command a ship and left the navy. He was by all accounts a pretty poor officer and now spends his days whining about how the nasty RN wouldnt let him have a ship.

His total lack of understanding of how the strategic side of life works is stunning - his phrase "PJHQ is a PONTI Hogwarts" demonstrates his utter ignorance.
Motor Racing my sweet ass.
He wasn't doing his job and so had to go. The gov released this news rather then say that another useless minister had gone after proffing so nicely.

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