MODPLOD Eamon Keating beyond the pale

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. Cuts to military police will damage protection of Britain's soldiers, says police leader - Telegraph

    Would be better written in the Sun...

    “We do not and will never know if an MDP presence would have deterred the attack on Drummer Lee Rigby, and I do not think it is appropriate for us to speculate.”

    So why raise the issue? Did anyone on the gate know what was happening at the time? Bringing the death up of Drummer Lee Rigby is beyond the pale for me.

    His point about intelligence? How many intelligence gathering agencies do we need? The major one failed, would a much smaller one have had more success?

    My twoppence, one service police a la Carabinieri.


  2. Because about 25 seconds before he said it a journalist said 'do you believe that an MDP presence could have prevented the attack on Lee Rigby?'?
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  3. The Modplod are massively over resourced for what they do. They rarely if ever make arrests, in fact, they will call on the civil police to arrest on their behalf. A lot (most) of what they do could be provided by a force of former service personnel with slightly more training for considerably less cost. If only such a force already existed.
  4. I had no idea that the Modplod had their own Federation. Competition to head up that exalted organisation must be fierce!
  5. People up close to Drummer Rigby thought that the two twats were helping, what would an gate guard few hundred yards away have of seen, ? can you see where it happened clearly ?, im sure a missed 5.56mm round fly through woolwich wouldnt hit something and generate more unhelpful headlines at this present time.
  6. The problem is that you need to be a Constable to perform their duties. They've always been a Force Protection, guarding and Sy asset same as the CNC.

    Primarily, they're charged with the security of high value targets in remote areas, Fylingdales, Memworth Hill etc and high profile locations such as (historically) Greenham Common means that its easier to have your own police with the appropriate powers capable of dealing with civilians, rather than as you suggest the MPGS. Who arrest, hold and waits forever for N Yorks police to finally get to you.

    The culture of this country is that it just isn't appropriate to have armed soldiers dealing with the tree huggers, nor can the forces afford to guard high profile sites. As a MDP mate of mine tells me, its the difference of mentality between the forces and the police is what makes the difference.

    I, however would welcome the creation of a Gendarmerie/Carabineri/Marechusse type police force, however judging what the Guardian wrote when we deployed into London on Op OLYMPIC 'The sight of the Military Police on the streets of the capital has transformed our city into a demilitarised zone subject to martial law.' :roll:
    Despite us being the oldest Military Police force in the world, the RMP has never policed civilians. Difference between Provost and Gendermerie I suppose...
  7. I think they are involved with quite a few duties that we are unaware of. I was talking to an MDP guy that was involved with the recovery of downed aircraft.
  8. And yet the Carabinieri able to work with tourists and deploy to Afghanistan. As the Army down sizes, maybe it is time to think about the culture of the military. I still think the higher ups are playing empires and this is an area that could be cut.

    I take your point about MP deployed on the streets, but surely that is a question of uniform, again, reference the C. and on the one hand their uniforms are a touch... extravagant and yet practical when on field ops.

    As to previous arguments about land not understanding navy not understanding airforce, I understand that C. operate in all three environments.
  9. Pure speculation of what if's after the sad event. I wonder who is working this agenda?
  10. MOD PLOD. What an easy gig. I remember when I was based in Edinburgh, they were meant to cover the training depots but tried to pass us all the shite they couldn't be bothered with. Fannies.
  11. MDP not slated for cuts as well?
  12. Modplod is struggleing to survive. It's an agency which has something to do with the financial side of the operation.
    With the closure of military bases it will soon only be an armed security patrol at military nuclear establishments. This is a cry for help.
  13. What about the Fraud side of their investigations? Keeping BAE in check... for example...oh wait,
  14. It does have a relatively large fraud section. It's success is a matter of public record. The whole force is unlikely to disappear but it may become one of several very spectalist branches.
  15. Foot soldiers in MOD PLOD have no powers beyond the boundaries of MOD land.

    Even if they had been in a position to assist Drummer Rigby they could only have restrained until normal Plod arrived.