Modified sights??

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by jh1488, Oct 30, 2011.

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  1. I have had some trouble with accuracy with red dot sights. I was a marksman in the TA and never had any bother untill now, fair enough I fire an SMK B2 but have moded it slightly so of a bench stand its fairly accurate (2cm at worst group at 10y). Any way I made my self some crosshairs to fit inside the sun shade on the scope to line the dot and hairs up while firing to try and reduce paralax. I got the idea after hearing about the accucover, I havent had chance to test it yet. Has any one else done anything similar?
  2. Buy a proper sight for the gun and pellets you are using.

    Are you using cheapo pellets?

    Hang on, I've just googled the air rifle you are using; Are you expecting great accuracy from a £40 gun? You'd get better results off of an blowpipe!

    As for making crosshairs on the sunshade; you don't know much about optics do you. Why not draw a cross on your eyeball with a crayon?
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  3. I bet your pellets cost £1.50 for a thousand! :)
  4. What colour crayon would you advise using? If I'm not allowed crayons, would it be ok to use a marker pen? :)
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  5. Red should do the trick, just ask your carer to be careful with them felt tips! ;-)
  6. This has the ingredients of a wind up. However, what do you want to achieve with this rifle? First of all when you say you are using a bench to zero you need to make sure that the rifle is not resting directly on a hard surface. It's ok to rest your forearm or hand with which you're holding it. With a decent rifle the pellets should be pretty much going through the same hole at 10 yards. As it stands your rifle / sight combination isn't accurate enough to hunt rabbits and a 2cm group at 10 yards makes it marginal even for close-range ratting. You'd be better off getting your hands on a second-hand BSA Lightning or the like.
  7. He must know what he's on about; he draws his own cross hairs! ;-)
  8. How very ******* dare you! Didn't you read the part about him being a marksman in the TA? Snigger............
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  9. Only those with Downs Syndrome or traumatic, catastrophic brain injuries. You ******* tit.
  10. Ok ok, don't rub it in. I knew I was wasting my time.
  11. Like anyone would get enough rounds per year to achieve 'Marksmong' in the TA.
  12. yer thanks for the critercism guys and for all your info I have killed 5 rabbits with it. Its not that bad of a rifle for the cost as I dont have much money to spend.

    I use RWS super domes .22, I have just tested my little set up and it works great.
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  14. We're on about shooting stuff not smashing them over the head! ;-)

    Is it a break barrel air rifle?
  15. Why do I even bother! Thank your selves for losing a member of arrse! I didnt join to have the piss take out of.