Modifications To S95 Desert Trousers


As we know the issue S95 Desert clothing is just not up to the job, any ideas to modifying the Trousers so they will stand up better to the demands ? Apart from sewing extra material to the knees is there anything else you can do to improve them.Also are there any specific firms that will improve clothing for you ? :thumright: Thanks


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That depends. Are you:

a. Are you a journo after a cheap quote of soldiers slagging off kit?

b. Someone who works at the relevant IPT who could actually get something done?

c. A concerned amateur?

Sorry for being a bit cynical at this time on a sunday morning but you know how it is...


My Nephew deploys to Afganistan so I am trying to make life easier for him actually.Im going on personal experience with S95 so if it helps pass it on !
whats wrong with it?

get those gay knee pads from the px if you dont want to damage your deserts.

as far as i have seen the exchange system has been more than adequate.

if hes destroying 3 sets of combats before a chance to exchange them then thats bad admin on his part.

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