Modification To Issue Assault Vest??

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by SilverShadows, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. Hi i have an issue assault vest (waistcoat mans general purpose ops). as the ammo pouches are pants i am after removing them and having an issue PLCE webbing ammo pouch sewn in place. I am also after having belt loops sewn inside the vest like some of the more commercial vests in order to accept a waistbelt.

    Does anyone know where i could get these two modifications done and also an approximate cost? i have heard troopers or jays jays is a good bet? However it would be a case of sending the vest and pouch as i am living in sheffield area unless anyone knows of anywhere local.

  2. To get the pouches added will cost you around £25 and it'll be roughly £6 postage both ways for Troopers. Their number is 01206511268. Try the search, there's a massive Jay Jay / Troopers thread on here.

    T C
  3. Ok mate thanks alot for info
  4. Just had mine done at jay Jays and got it back today.

    Two new ammo pouches with velcro and press stud fitted - the full dogs danglers. Took less than two weeks and cost about £35, money well spent.
  5. Heidi, i,ve been in touch with Jay Jays and they have offered me two options, either add a standard PLCE pouch or move the left hand utility as far back as possible and add three mag pouches which sounds interesting. Is there any chance of you posting a few pictures of the vest and a few close ups of their work.

  6. God! one night in the khuds with us an' you go all warry on us! :D
  7. SS check your pm's. The quality is excellent and the pouches are a cross between the issue ones and the old chest-rig ones with the velcro closers (just right for suicide vests).

    FF - after that one weekend I saw the light and the way forward! I was just getting my stuff 'super-waterproofed' in case I have to replicate your underwater instruction phase. Pretty sure I won't create such a bow-wave though.
  8. LLF told you was an underwater knife fighting instructor, did you belive me? no! any way IIRC the Ark Royal had a smaller bow wave than me!
  9. What other Mods do the guys at troopers do? Just called them but they're bussy. I had my ammo pouches done by them, and I was just wandering what else they can do to them. I thought a bayonet jobbys would be good. What else has any one had done or heard of?

    T C