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Modern Warfare 2 hacked?


Right, just went onto a server to find it was modded. Of course it was that bollocks Rust. Everyone was shooting at everyone even on team deathmatch.

Got into a bit of verbal with the chap who did it, an **** pustule called l33t modz. I then find he has got into my profile, turned off all my kill streak rewards, set all stats to 0 and literally everything i have earnt will have to be done again.

I have emailed those steam dickheids but any ideas how I can revert this?

Ark angel - thanks chap. However it auto assigns you to servers, don't know how to pick and choose.

LPJ thank you regretably my tromboning skills are not that good I am sure you could provide tips though.


Kit Reviewer
If it's a Steam Purchase youre fucked pal. All you can do is report the steam user i think. Next time stick to legit servers.
No servers on MW, which is why I fucked it off. Mods started appearing over a year ago and turned it into a bigger farce than it already was. ******* awful online shooter.

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