Modern warfare £26?

Theres a rumour this is the price at Asda on release date only. Anyone get the chance to go there and confirm this would be of great help thanks.

Just in less than an hour ago.

Retailers around the country will open at midnight tonight in a bid to attract gamers desperate to get their hands on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – and the good news for consumers is that most will be offering big discounts.Buy it from PS3 PC XBox 360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Activision Although the recommended retail price for the Xbox and PS3 formats is £54.99, consumers will be able to get their hands on a copy for almost £30 less, and cost cutting by big supermarket chains means that Modern Warfare 2 will be cheaper on the high street than it is online.Sainsbury's has slashed the price to just £26 across all formats, while Tesco is offering the game for £25 to customers who buy another top 20 title for either console. Those who do not want another game will be charged £39.70.Both retailers will be offering the game from midnight at some stores. Tesco is selling it at all of its stores which are usually open round the clock, while midnight sales at Sainsbury's will be limited to five shops: those in Dulwich, Haringay, London Colney, Forest Side and Greenwich. Other branches will be selling the game later in the day.A spokeswoman for Sainsbury's said the retailer expected the game to be its biggest seller of the year, with 120,000 copies expected to be sold in store and a further 2,000 online. She added that the £26 price tag was not a limited offer.Asda is charging £32 for Xbox and PS3 formats and £32.71 for the PC version. It will have the game available from midnight at more than 300 stores. A spokesman said the retailer was expecting queues, with as many as 1,000 gamers expected to visit its Derby store, but he assured customers there was "lots of stock".Specialist retailer Game will be opening 342 stores at midnight to hand over precious copies of Modern Warfare 2 to customers who pre-order it before 5.30pm this evening. Gamestation, which is owned by Game, will open 250 outlets.A spokesman for Game said all of the stores would be decorated and many staff would be dressed up – "our staff are game
**** me it's a lot for hype of a game isn't it, midnight openings and queues. I stook a fiver on a pre-order last week, so I can pop in at some point on tuesday and have a copy behind the counter. Seems like less fuss than getting it at midnight.
The hype is nothing compared to new moon! I know 20 girls who have booked tickets for a mindnight showing! atleast with cod I get to take my hate out on prebubesant american kids! :D
twilight is ruining my women, they are all obsessed with big hermers instead of men with anything about them. which im not of course, but i like to keep up the image
butters said:
twilight is ruining my women, they are all obsessed with big hermers instead of men with anything about them. which im not of course, but i like to keep up the image
I am guessing you have to play the game to understand what this meant.
Can't be much of a game for 26 squids!
looks like an earlie morning then doesnt it lol...
£26 at Sainsbury at 0700


£32 Asda from 0001

After calling Sainsbury they stated that the large one in Basingstoke (on the Winchester Road) was only stocking 72 copies for each platform, and when they're gone, they're gone.

Might take a trip to Asda at 0001.

Still cheaper than Game, they want between £45 - £49.
is this going to be the price all the time or is it just for today?

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