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I'm planning on making some short films but am completely out of touch with what the state of the art equipment is. What I fancy is a fairly high end video camera that I can download onto my laptop for editing, overdubbing sound etc. The editing suite would need caption capability.

I've got a 1.5gig processor and 512mb RAM on my laptop with the usual USB connections.

Where do I start?
I suppose one question is do you want broadcast quality and conformation to broadcast standards, or good quality for self and related purposes? Good new is that 3CCD cameras (about minimum for BCQ) are more cheaper and plentiful than a few years ago. Re computer editing, it may be a consideration on how much you want to edit at once and how long are willing to wait for various processes? Generally laptops do not offer the speed and capacity of desktops. Then again, while cost of a top spec duel-core machine is comparatively less than a lesser machine a few years ago, you can easily spend far more on editing programmes that the actual computer?

A few sites that may be of interest?

It's hard to know without seeing how much Broadcast quality is going to cost over good amateur kit. I would prefer broadcast quality if I can stretch to it - it would make sense for what I have in mind.

I'll check out the links.
The site below may help,39029967,49272970,00.htm

Friends who are pro cameramen tend to advocate Sony in their work, but then they work with Beta. My comment on Sony would be make sure the camera is big enough so the controls are readily accessible, and don't expect any extras when you buy. Then again there are the second-hand dealers, and, most models that have just been superseded suddenly seem to drop in price quite a bit - while the latest model sometimes gets panned as being not much of an innovation or even a regression.

Vid work chews away at disk space so make sure yoy can handle that. If not, best alternative is to get an external model. Now quite cheap.

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