Modern technology, my arrse!


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We are now well into the 21st Century. We can send messages around the world in the blink of an eye, we put men on the moon decades ago, and have sent spacecraft to Mars and beyond our solar system. We can destroy the planet many times over, cure many illnesses and live our lives in a virtual world...

So why the fuck does my TV fail to receive a picture if it's raining? How come Top Gear is interrupted by 'No satellite signal is being received'? So much for modern technology!
Oh the irony.


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And how come CEEFAX is so crap?


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The title of the post says it all!

How is your new technology (is that the right word) working out?

As for sky; mine worked perfectly last night. Excellent show.
I sky+'d the program, great for fast forwarding the "star in the car" bit. For fuck sake at the "celebrities" they have on the show, for fuck sake.
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I too had my Sky viewing disrupted by a "tropical" storm in rural Gloucestershire...annoyingly I was forced to stop watching Scum, before the anal rape scene too. Although the vicious battering of Baldy in the boiler-house by Carling was thankfully uninterrupted. "Where's your tool?" "What tool?" (Tw4tting noise) "This f*cking tool!"

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