Modern Sound Recording on TV

What the heck is wrong with modern TV sound recording? I know I have some industrial deafness but I am finding it increasingly difficult to hear dialogue on TV drama programs. Its not made any better when some two-bit, ponced-up director decides he wants background music behind the dialogue as well apart from most actors wanting to mumble their lines. I don't have any problem with the sound of old or new films but it is very apparent with modern TV drama programs.

Is it something to do with modern recording techniques? Any thoughts or comments.
What annoys me is having to turn the volume up to hear a program & then the bloody adverts come along & blast you out of the chair.
You can get TVs that "normalize" the sound to stop the acoustic shock of adverts; shame the broadcasters don't address it.
Adverts for Hearing Aids are deliberately low and muffled,adverts aimed at children are deliberately loud and sharp.Why?.
I would agree that sound levels seem to be poorly balanced between speech and sound effects. I am working my way through the Kevin Costner production of 'The Hatfields and McCoys' and whilst it is well worth watching, the sound swings from too loud to too quiet. I believe at some stage it was admitted that the sound is wound up during the ad breaks.

On a similar note, the whole thing seems to be filmed through a mud filter. I appreciate some bits of accuracy, you rarely see M3 half tracks painted grey to stand in as Hanomags, but filming things as though seen by a 70 year old glaucoma sufferer is a bit much.
In a lot of cases, the background music drowns out the actors. This is especially apparent on US series. Now, on my old gas powered TV, I used to have a switch to alter volume, tone, loudness and that was about it. Now I have Cinema, User, Dyamic, Jazz, Band, Pop, Stereo, Mono, 3DS and so on with 20hz, 40hz, 100hz, 400hz slider controls and a plethora of other things. Still can't hear the bloody actors though! Even worse when I've set it to get the volume just right and then the action starts and the big bangs and so on become muted or echoey. Agree on the blasting out of the adverts as well.
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