Modern Solution or Problem!


Was Modern Housing Solutions set up to show us all just how good DHE was? "That'll learn 'em" someone must have thought!

I have been in constant battle with MHS since moving into my quarter over a number of repairs that were initially identified by their organisation prior to moving in. My gripe is not that the repairs have yet to be completed but of the farce involving MHS and their contractors.

I am waiting for my garage roof to be replaced as, at it stands (or doesn't) it is dangerous. To date I have had 3 scheduled assessments and two un-scheduled visits when there was nobody at home.

It appears to me that unscrupulous contractors are making un-announced calls and then claiming a fee from MHS and we wonder why there is no money in the pot for improvements!

I speak and e-mail MHS on a regular basis to be told that the gadgy on the end of the phone can not help me and therefore he/she will have their supervisor call me back. Of course they never do and I have to start the whole process again.

Am I the only one who has a problem here? I think not. Make your complaints to whoever will listen and lets get these halfwits providing a service that our people deserve. Then we might have some cash to reinvest.

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