Modern Policing (and people wonder why things are the way they are)

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by Bernster, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. The statement below is from a policing diversity course, this is the bollocks fed to young men and woman who have joined the Police because they want to make a difference. I am not defending my old job, they are capable as we have seen recently of making some monumental **** ups, yet again don't blame the troops for that

    Spitting is a cultural issue. Young, jobless working-class men spit on the ground as a way of expressing frustration and powerlessness. It is also a way for young men from poor communities to mark territory, a kind of warning to other men in the street that they are present. For successful men, spitting on the ground is a way of demonstrating victory against the harsh realities of modern life, a challenge to others who may wish to rob them of their success.

    It is judgemental for a police officer to challenge this behaviour. It shows an ethnocentric approach; why are the cultural norms of the young jobless community less acceptable than those of their more fortunate peers? To achieve the Public Confidence aspirations required by the National Policing Plan, police officers must begin to embed themselves in these cultures. This way, we can achieve our ultimate aim of policing our diverse communities with fairness and understanding.
  2. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Its cultural in some parts of the world to torture and decapitate unmarried female teenagers for not wanting to marry their cousin. Does that mean honour killings should be allowed as well FFS???

    Yours angrily

    Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells etc etc
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  3. I have just empirically tested this one. I gobbed an oyster onto her copy of 'Oi!' magazine and she threw the cat at my head. I then challenged her ethnocentric attitude and she responded by inviting me to **** off.

    I insist on appearing on Question Time.
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  4. It really pains me that some complete and utter twunt is probably employed to come up with this shit, and no doubt on a salary above that of the poor cannon fodder plods who have to go out and work to these moronic policies.

    What utter utter bollocks, where do I apply for my council tax refund please?
  5. I'm going to place a cracker of a dockers oyster on the step of a complainers house the next time I'm at a call, just as they answer the door. When the resultant CAP comes in, I'm just going to claim how successful I am and challenge the Inspectors/complainers ethnocentric approach.
  6. At the risk of saying something unpopular, I think the single entry point to policing is a big inhibitor to recruiting high quality candidates. It is the equivalent of only allowing a single entry point to the Forces - it has its merits but it also deters a lot of potential officers from wanting to get involved.
  7. Really? To which 'culture' does this genius refer? The sort of culture which should be admired, encouraged, emulated? Or the sort of culture which needs its over-indulged little face stamping on?

    That can't mean that the author of these words wants the police to start gobbing too can it? That's going to look great… Dixon of Dock Greenie.
  8. Hey, I lika dees approach to policing. Back in the home country, we ask aska da man if he like pay us some money so his shop doesn't come to no harm .. the money helps me keepa my 'clumsy' friends gainfully employed buying white powder and away from da man's shop. In Sicily, everyone understands this, it is simply part of culture. But here? No! It is a da crime! I never hear a thing so crazy! Now, perhaps, thingsa change and mebbe I can sell my white powder, also parta dee culture, without no grief from the so-called law.
  9. It's a disgusting and unsightly act/habit.

    It should be stamped on, no matter who carries it out.
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  10. Kind of explains why when I explained something successful I had overcome in my life it didn't fit into what TVP required then.

    I thought they were quite good, abusing people under your command, being aggressive to people of a different shade to you and I was very willing to take bungs from NOTW. How I failed is beyond me?!

  11. Plod need a proper 'Officer Class'.
  12. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I thought they had that fast track thing where you got a degree and went to plod school but only did a year or two to get some street time in before they gave you leather chair and your own notw reporter?
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  13. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    raf have about 2000 surplus officers we could give them some of them.
  14. Well look at the quality of the people rising to the top of the Policing profession. Clearly they're not getting the brightest minds into the force - this is perhaps why they solve hardly any crimes at all.

    And abolish the responsibility of the CPS for deciding whether to prosecute offences.

    Law enforcement and criminal justice in the UK is in complete and utter dissaray. The CPS and Police have come out very badly from the past few weeks. The barns are being cleared out now but for how long will this last? The venal will simply wait for the press interest to die down before returning to their previous ways.

    First the MP's expenses scandal and now this. The pillars of British society are each slowly being shown to be totally dysfunctional. How bad does it have to get for people to wake up and realise what's happening?
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